Elaine Montuori

Elaine Mastronardi Montuori is from nearby Springfield, Ma.  She has been teaching in the Springfield area at public, private, and charter high schools as well as colleges for the past 27 years.  She currently teaches Social Studies at Springfield Central HS.

Her interest in Native American studies goes back to her childhood passion for horses, and, in particular, Appaloosas.  She decided to learn about the history of this breed and was horrified by the injustices heaped upon the Nez Perce tribe by the US government which eventually led to the near extermination of both the tribe and the breed of horses they proudly created.

She is hoping to learn more about the Native American experience in New England both in the past and today and bring what she has learned back to her classroom.

Lesson Plan: Who Is Toto? (And What Can He Tell Us?)