Timothy Castner

Tim Castner

Tim Castner has taught US History at Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, Masssachusetts for the past 18 years. In recent years he conducted research on the Native American heritage in the area with a special focus on Mary Rowlandson and King Philip's War. The research also explored our school's continued use of "Chieftain" as our mascot. This past spring he led a public hike from the Rowlandson Garrison site to Rowlandson Rock where Mary Rowlandson spent her first night after being captured.

Tim serves on a number of committees including the Lancaster Town Forest Committee, The Lancaster Trails and Bikeway Coalition, and the Open Space and Recreation Commission. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Freedom's Way National Heritage Area. He also works as the Vice President of Shirley Forests Inc., which owns and manages forest land in the Eastern Adirondacks.

Lesson Plan: Overcoming Stereotypes and Recovering Native Perspective: One Community’s Struggle.