Du Bois in Our Time: September 10 to December 8

Du Bois in Our Time'Du Bois in Our Time' focuses on the intersection of art and the major issues of our time, centered on the legacy of Du Bois and the causes he championed. The ten participating artists, whose work is socially engaged and research based, off an aesthetic contribution to the reexamining of DU Bois through today's lens. These artists, who work in a variety of mediums and art at different stages in their careers, will investigate Du Bois' influence today, using the vast W.E.B Du Bois Archives here at UMass Amherst for their research, along with the collaborating of DU Bois scholars from across the U.S. With Du Bois' vision as the exhibition's underpinning and as a strategy in presenting ideas regarding the complexities of contemporary society, the artists will address and reflect on issues such as memory and history; racism; class; family relationships; gender roles; political systems; healing an transcendence -covering all aspects of the Du Bois legacy.

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