Social Studies: Ancient History

Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art
Explores the art that has derived or been inspired by Buddhist pilgrimage in Asia. Short films narrate events in Buddha's life.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Propaganda
Online exhibition to complement the one at in D.C. about the role of propaganda in World War II. The exhibition and accompanying features explore how the Nazi Party used modern techniques as well as new technologies and carefully crafted messages to sway millions with its vision for a new Germany.

Five College Center for East Asian Studies (FCCEAS)
We work to improve the quality, quantity, and distribution of resources for teaching about East Asia at the college and precollege levels and to offer opportunities for precollege educators to experience East Asian cultures firsthand. The Center maintains a Resource Library, publishes a newsletter three times a year, and conducts seminars, institutes, conferences, and workshops for college and precollege educators.

Ancient Architects of the Mississippi
Several thousands of years ago in the lower Mississippi River Delta, Native Americans began constructing mounds to bury the dead. For the next fifteen centuries, these various groups would build what may be called the first dense urban settlements in what would later become the United States. Today some of these former settlements and earthworks are overseen by the National Park Service, which has seen fit to create this website to provide information to the general public. Visitors can review information about these settlements, view a timeline of related events, and learn about the complex nature of trade within and among these communities.

No Job for a Woman: The Effects of War on Women's Lives
Throughout the 20th and 21st century, women have played a variety of roles during various miliary conflicts, both on the homefront and on the front lines of battle. This online exhibit from the Imperial War Museum in Britain explores some of the complexities faced by women during these conflicts.

Online Geography Quizzes 
A great resource for students who need practice.

NOVA: World in the Balance 
Features transcripts of conversations with Ding Yihui on climate change in China, Geeta Rao Gupta on the status of women in India, and Lester Brown on population growth.

CBC: Anatomy of a Refugee Camp
Visitors can move directly to locations of interest through an interactive location map . Some of the elements of a refugee camp that are profiled here include the food distribution point, the vehicle entrance, the water point, the market, and the shelters. Clicking on each question mark on various locations reveals a brief overview of the significance of each place within the greater hierarchy of the camp's operations. The site also includes a good selection of relevant external links, such as those that lead to Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Searching for Asian America
Designed to complement a PBS documentary on the Asian American experience. The profiles and material here include information on Gary Locke, the Chinese-American governor of Washington and profiles of Martin Bautista and Jeffrey Lim, who are both Filipino immigrant doctors living in the small town of Guymon, Oklahoma. One of the most compelling persons profiled here is Lela Lee, who is the creator of the underground comic Angry Little Girls, which features as its main protagonist an Asian-American woman with attitude and big dreams. The site is rounded out with the inclusion of a quiz, clips from the television documentary, and a transcript of a conversation with the series producer, Donald Young.

Mughal India
As you enter a large room filled with various items, including a well-worn globe, a medium-sized file cabinet, and a wall of books, you wonder to yourself, Where am I?. It turns out that you have stumbled across the British Museum's fine interactive website on Mughal India. Designed for young people, the site is set up as an office where visitors may click on various items (such as a globe or a model of the Taj Mahal) in order to entire Flash-enabled learning environments that address various aspects of this most grand and productive period in India's history. While visitors will want to spend a good deal of time exploring the site, one particular representative area of the site is the coin cabinet. Clicking on the coin cabinet opens up a small chest that holds various pieces of currencies from the Mughal Empire. Visiting the different drawers in the chest allows users to learn what each type of coin can tell contemporary observers about the Empire's religious traditions, emperors, and politics.

Web de Anza 
Designed to provide teachers, students, and scholars with primary source materials concerning Juan Bautista de Anza and his two historic 18th century expeditions from northern Sonora to northern California, leading to the colonization of San Francisco. This site contains primary source diaries and letters in both English and Spanish written by the soldiers, colonists, and friars who traveled on the two 18th century expeditions led by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza from New Spain to northern California leading to the colonization of San Francisco. It also offers a wide array of secondary resources such as maps, chronologies, pictures and articles linked strategically to the diaries to facilitate historical research.

Ancient world Mapping Center
Cooperating with faculty at UNC, and with the scholars who commission custom maps from the AWMC for their publications, we are developing a collection of free digital maps for educational use. This effort will give teachers and students an expanding set of small-scale reference maps for classroom and personal use.

The Pantheon
Provides an effective way to begin learning about this world, both for beginners and for those looking to brush up on their knowledge of their exploits and times. Beginners will want to start by reading the essay on the creation of the world out of chaos, which then leads into the piece on the creation of mankind. One helpful feature of these essays is the many interactive hyperlinks that visitors can use to access a brief synopsis about each god or goddess. A section on the principal Greek gods contains an interactive family tree, beginning with the union of Uranus and Gaea, and concluding with their great-grand children -- Apollo, Artemis, and several others. The site is rounded out with a selection of relevant links to other sites dealing with mythology and a list of suggested readings
Offers a number of thematic exhibits, primary documents, and images that will provide a good overview of the groups that have lived in this region. The first place to begin is the detailed clickable map where users can click on close to twenty different cities of  Mexico. Particularly helpful for educational purposes are the primary documents, which include Hernando Cortes's recollection of his meeting with Montezuma and a poem by Nezahualcoyotl, the poet and king of the Aztec city of Texcoco.

PBS: Muslims
Aims to dispel ignorance, traveling to six nations and delving into such topics as Islamic scholarship, the re-emergence of its fundamentalist values, the effect of Islamic laws on such issues as murder, divorce and drinking, the treatment of men and women, the religion's relation to politics, and tensions between Muslims and others in the United States. The project includes teachers' guides.

Cambodia: The Odyssey of the Khmer People
General information and statistics about Cambodia for visitors seeking a basic overview of the country's current status. The oral histories section contains a dozen narratives from Cambodian men and women who lived in Cambodia during the reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. .

National Geographic: Afghanistan
Collects information on Afghanistan, including articles, maps, lesson plans, current news. Features a panel discussion on the Middle East and Afghanistan; a bibliography of National Geographic's print resources related to the topic; and a regularly updated interactive map of Afghanistan displaying cities and attacks, ethnic groups, drought and vegetation, and more.