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Jackie Pritzen Memorial Service

A memorial service honoring Jackie M. Pritzen was held at Hampshire College's Red Barn on Sunday, February 16, 2014. You can watch the video from the service here.

The Program from the Memorial Service is posted here.  If you have any other photos, documents, or stories about Jackie you would like to share, please contact Carol Aleman at Five Colleges, 542-4009.

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Photos and Remembrances

In 2003, the Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL) presented Jackie, among others, with the Pioneer Award recognizing individuals who were essential in driving collaboration during the initial formation of academic consortia. Below is a photo from that event in Washington DC; pictured is Jackie Pritzen with Lawrence 'Larry' Dotolo president of ACL at the time. The excerpt below is from Larry Dotolo’s welcome and recognition speech at the Pioneers dinner.

Jackie Pritzen

"Our next pioneer, is Jackie Pritzen, from Five Colleges, Inc. Jackie’s leadership abilities during the early years was instrumental in moving the organization ahead. Jackie was always good about giving advice to those of us that were new in the consortia business. I remember one time when I was going on about some problem I had in my consortium at one of CIL’s “meet, greet, and drink” gatherings. Jackie said, “Relax Larry, you will learn to live with ambiguity.” I took those words to heart – and here I am still in the business some 28 years later. Jackie, thanks for the advice, and thank you for coming." -Larry Dotolo