Five College Team-Taught Course in Eurasian Studies

The core course in Eurasian studies is designed to introduce students to the diversity of the past and present experiences of peoples of Eurasia. At the same time, it offers students from the five campuses an opportunity to get acquainted with faculty resources in Russian/Eurasian studies in the Pioneer Valley. The core course serves as the foundation for the Five College Certificate in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies.

In 2015-2016, each of the following courses satisfies the core course requirement: 

HISTORY 315 Imperial Russia (Prof. Audrey Altstadt), UMASS

HST 239 Imperial Russia, 1650-1917 (Prof. Sergey Glebov), Smith College.

In the past, the following faculty members took part in the course:

Audrey Altstadt (History, UMass)
Polina Barskova (Literature, Hampshire)
Justin Cammy (Jewish Studies, Smith)
Sergey Glebov (History, Smith)
Julie Hemment (Anthropology, UMass)
Stephen Jones (Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Holyoke)
Dale Peterson (Russian, Amherst)
Robert Rothstein (Literature, UMass)
Peter Scotto (Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Holyoke)
Vera Shevzov (Religion, Smith)

The following is the list of lectures/discussions covered in the core course in the past:

Imagining Eurasian Space: Geography and Identity in Eastern Europe and Northern Eurasia (Sergey Glebov)

Medieval States: Kievan Rus, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Moscow Principality (Sergey Glebov)

Nomadic Empires of Eurasia (Sergey Glebov)

Russian Empire-Building: Expansion and Incorporation in the East: Volga Region and Siberia (Sergey Glebov)

Russian Empire-Building: Expansion and Incorporation in the West: Ukraine and the Baltics (Sergey Glebov)

18th-Century Monarchy From Peter I to Catherine II (Sergey Glebov)

Tsars and Subjects: Apogee of Imperial Autocracy (Sergey Glebov)

Managing Peoples in an Autocracy (Sergey Glebov)

Religions in Eurasia: The Case of Russian Orthodoxy (Vera Shevzov)

Central Asia and the Caucasus under Imperial Rule (Audrey Altstadt)

Islam and Modernity in Eurasia: Adaptaton, Resistance, and Reform (Sergey Glebov)

Russian Tradition between Orient and Occident: Critique and Re-Inscription of Orientalism in Russian Literature (Dale Peterson, Amherst)

Modernization in Imperial Context: Rise of Nationalism and Russification (Sergey Glebov)

The Rise of Modern Jewish Politics (Justin Cammy)

The Imperial City (Sergey Glebov)

Revolution and the First Imperial Disintegration (Sergey Glebov)

Building and Exterminating Nations: Soviet Nationalities in the 1920s and 1930s (Audrey Altstadt)

Stalin's Revolutions (Sergey Glebov)

Peoples of the Soviet Union in World War II (Sergey Glebov)

Soviet Attempts at Reform: Khrushchev and His Time (William Taubman)

Native Peoples of the North in the Soviet Union: Life and Work in a Siberian Village (Sergey Glebov)

Soviet Middle Class? Social and Cultural Development in the USSR in the 1970s and 1980s (Sergey Glebov)

Collapse of the USSR (Sergey Glebov)

Post-Soviet Cultures in Transition (Julie Hemment)

Post-Soviet Nation-Building (Stephen Jones)

Whose Past? History and Memory in Post-Soviet Eurasia (Sergey Glebov)

Images: Selections from Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky's photographic survey of the Russian Empire, Library of Congress