Summer Programs



Arizona State University: Critical Language Institute
Elementary and intermediate levels. Choice of eight-week program in Arizona, or four weeks in Arizona and four weeks in Kazan.

Beloit College Summer Immersion Program
Four levels of Russian offered, including fourth-year political Russian. Four- or eight-week programs. 

Bryn Mawr Russian Language Institute
Eight-week intensive program, for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Columbia University: Russian Practicum
Intensive language program for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Geared toward students who want to rapidly accelerate Russian language learning. 

Harvard Summer School Russian Language
Rapid-paced beginners' course.

Indiana University: Summer Workshop in Slavic Languages
Five- to eight-week programs. Offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Middlebury Russian Language School
Eight-week program at Middlebury College. Beginner, intermediate and advanced programs, fully immersive experience and intensive language learning.

Monterey Institute of International Studies: Summer Intensive Program
Intensive eight-week program for beginning and intermediate levels. 

University of California, Berkeley: Summer Intensive Russian
Eight-week summer intensive language program.

University of California, Los Angeles: Summer Intensive Russian
Eight-week summer intensive language program. Beginner and intermediate levels. 

University of Chicago: Summer Intensive Russia
Intensive summer classes. Beginner level, intermediate and intensive conversation and reading.

University of Michigan Summer Language Program
Ten-week intensive program; beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. 

University of Pittsburg: Summer Language Institute
Eight-week intensive program in Pittsburg, or five weeks in Pittsburg and five weeks in Moscow. First- to fourth-year level.

University of Virginia: Summer Russian Language Institute
Intensive and accelerated program. Covers two full years of Russia, geared toward novice speakers. 

University of Washington: Intensive Summer Language Program
Nine-week programs in Russian, Ukrainian or Polish. Full year of language credits. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Summer Russian Courses
Intensive first-, second- and third-year Russian programs. 


Advanced Critical Language Institute
Four- or six-week programs in St. Petersburg. Daily intensive language training at St. Petersburg State University, operated by SUNY-Stony Brook.

AIFS Study Abroad: St. Petersburg
Five-week program in St. Petersburg. Language intensive, with courses in art history, political science, history and sociology. Operated at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

Ambergh Education
Range of summer programs in Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. Customizable sessions, from three weeks and up.

American Councils for International Education
Eight-week summer programs at choice of Moscow International University, the Russian State Pedagogical University (Gertsen Institute) in St. Petersburg or the KORA Center for Russian Language in Vladimir.

American Friends of Russian Folklore
Variety of expeditions into Russian countryside, documenting folk life with team of anthropologists. Fully immersive experience. 

Arizona State University: Four Week Intensive
Four-week intensive program in Kazan, for advanced-beginner to intermediate level.

Council on International Educational Exchange: Summer Russian Language
Eight-week, language intensive program in St. Petersburg.

Critical Language Scholarship
Competitive application for fully funded eight-week summer language programs in Kazan or Ufa, operated by the United States Department of State. For intermediate or advanced Russian students. 

Enjoy Russia: Summer Russian Courses
Two- or four-week intensive language programs in Petrozavodsk.

Language Link: Russian Summer Program
Five-week program in Moscow, with intensive focus on language as well as cultural program.

Linden & Denz Language Center
Two- to 12-week language courses offered in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Moscow State University
Choice of group or individual lessons. Flexible program duration.

National Registration Center for Study Abroad
Three- to 12-week courses in general groups, tailored curriculum and program options, in St. Petersburg.

Novosibirsk State University
Three to 12 weeks. Option of mini-group setting or individual class lessons.

Omsk State Pedagogical University
Intensive month-long language program. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

Petrozavodsk State University: Summer Language Program
Choice of four-, eight- or 12-week programs. Beginner to advanced level courses. Intensive Russian program, with immersion and homestay.

School of Russian and Asiatic Studies

  • Baikal Environmental Studies
    Hosted by Tahoe-Baikal Institute, two–month long summer program. Russian language component, in addition to courses and fieldwork related to environmental issues surrounding Lake Baikal. Time split between courses near Lake Tahoe and then portion in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

  • NGO and Cultural Internship
    Language study in addition to internship at NGO, museum or theater. Flexible program dates, but minimum of two months. Choice of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Bishkek, Vladivostok or Irkutsk.

  • Russian Business Internship
    Language study in addition to internship at a business, either focusing on sales and marketing or finance and operations. Requires some background or education in business, along with some language ability. Flexible program dates, but minimum of two months. Choice of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Bishkek, Vladivostok or Irkutsk.

Russian as a Second Language
One- or two-month intensive language programs. Choice of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Bishkek, Vladivostok or Irkutsk. Offered at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Smolny-Bard Study Abroad Program
Summer intensive program at Smolny College in St. Petersburg (through Bard College).

SUNY Brockport: Novgorod Summer Program
Month-long program at Novgorod State University. Option of language and culture course or language, culture and internship. 

Translation and Interpretation Summer Seminar
Month-long program in Moscow, highly intensive language program in addition to focus on translation and interpretation techniques.


Arizona State University: Critical Languages Institute
Seven-week elementary Polish program, followed by several-week language program in Poznan.

Catholic University of Lublin
Two- to eight-week programs in the summer. Polish language and culture courses. Program in Lublin.

Institute of Polish for Foreigners
Intensive Polish language courses throughout summer. Range of program durations.

Jagiellonian University
Three-, four- and six-week summer programs in Polish language and Polish history and culture in Krakow.


Arizona State University: Critical Language Institute
Eight-week summer language programs taught in Kiev.

Harvard Ukrainian Institute
Seven-week intensive Ukrainian language program at Harvard.

University of Kansas
Six-week summer language program in Ukrainian language and cultural studies. Operated by University of Kansas at the L’viv University (Lvov).

Eastern European and Eurasian Languages

American Councils Study Abroad: Eurasian Regional Languages Program
Summer program that offers wide range of Eurasian regional languages, including Armenian, Azeri, Georgian, Kazakh and Ukrainian in variety of Eurasian countries. Possibility of also studying Buryat, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkmen, Tuvan and Yakut.

University of Arizona: Critical Languages Institute Armenian
Seven-week course in Armenian in Arizona, followed by four weeks in Yerevan. Offered at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.

University of Pittsburg: Summer Language Institute
Six-week language program in Pittsburg (with potential to study abroad for four weeks). Offerings in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian.

Central Asian Languages

American University of Central Asia
Eight-week intensive language course in Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Uighur, Dari or Russian. Partnered with Bard College. Program in Bishkek.

Arizona State University: Critical Language Institute
Seven-week classes in Uzbek taught in Arizona, followed by four-week language program in Samarkand.