Five College Consortium

Religious and Spiritual Life at the Five Colleges

The Five College Council on Religious Life

Mission Statement
The Five College Council on Religious Life fosters collaboration among the member schools in the areas of religious learning and practice, spiritual development, and moral inquiry.

This collaboration has included joint opportunities for religious advisors and chaplains' professional development, shared personnel, mutual support, and consultation among chaplains and religious advisors. The Council is made up of a representative from each campus, along with a member of the Five Colleges, Incorporated staff, and meets monthly during the academic year.

Council Representatives

Amherst College
Paul Sorrentino
Coordinator for Religious Life
Advisor to the Amherst Christian Fellowship

Hampshire College

Liza Neal
Spiritual Life Coordinator

Mount Holyoke College

Annette McDermott
Interim Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life

Smith College

Jennifer Walters
Dean of Religious Life

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Larry Goldbaum
Center for Student Development
(413) 545-9642