Fall 2019 Transnational/Global Courses

Transnational/Global courses have at least 25% reproductive health, rights, and justice content with a transnational/global (i.e., non-U.S.) focus.

Subj Abbr Course # Sect # Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution
HIST 345 01 Gender Sex Latin Amer Mary Hicks MW 02:00PM-03:20PM Amherst College
POSC 248 01 Cuba: Polit of Extremism Javier Corrales TTH 02:30PM-04:30PM Amherst College
POSC 411 01 Indigenous Women Manuela Picq W 02:00PM-04:45PM Amherst College
SWAG 207 01 Home and the World Krupa Shandilya TTH 08:30AM-09:50AM Amherst College
SWAG 411 01 Indigenous Women Manuela Picq W 02:00PM-04:45PM Amherst College
CSI 0238 1 Population and Development Anne Hendrixson 01:00PM-03:50PM M Hampshire College
ANTHR 240 01 Medical Anthropology Lynn Morgan TTH 10:00AM-11:15AM Mount Holyoke College
GNDST 210JD 01 Women and Gender in Judaism Mara Benjamin WF 01:30PM-02:45PM Mount Holyoke College
GNDST 210SL 01 Women & Gender in Islam Amina Steinfels MW 09:30AM-10:45AM Mount Holyoke College
GNDST 333EG 01 Reproductive and Genetic Tech Jacquelyne Luce M 01:30PM-04:20PM Mount Holyoke College
POLIT 255PA 01 Politics of Abortion Cora Fernandez Anderson TTH 10:00AM-11:15AM Mount Holyoke College
ANT 250 01 ANTHROPOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION Suzanne Gottschang TTh 01:20-02:35 Smith College
HST 252 01 WOM & GEN IN MOD EUR,1789-1918 Darcy Buerkle TTh 02:45-04:00 Smith College
SPN 230 01 TOPCS: FAM SPAN CINEMA Adrian Gras-Velazquez MW 01:20-02:35 Smith College
SPN 250 01 IBERIAN CULTR HIST-SEX & CITY Ibtissam Bouachrine TTh 02:45-04:00 Smith College
ANTHRO 494BI 01 Global Bodies Elizabeth Krause TU TH 11:30AM 12:45PM UMass Amherst
POLISCI 397BZ 01 ST- Race&Gender/BrazilCompPers Sonia Alvarez TU TH 1:00PM 2:15PM UMass Amherst