RHRJ Certificate Advisors and Steering Committee

RHRJ Certificate Advisors and Steering CommitteeAmherst College

Amrita Basu, Political Science (on sabbatical Spring 2021 and Fall 2021)
Sheila Jaswal, Biochemistry-Biophysics
Kristen Luschen, American Studies (not accepting new advisees during AY 2020-21)
Jen Manion, History
Leah Schmalzbauer, Anthropology and Sociology, American Studies, Latinx and Latin American Studies*

Hampshire College

Elizabeth Conlisk, Public Health
Marlene Gerber Fried
, Philosophy, Civil Liberties and Public Policy*
Pam Stone, Culture Brain and Development

Mount Holyoke College

Cora Fernandez Anderson, Comparative and Reproductive Politics*
Jacquelyne Luce
, Gender Studies
Liz Markovits, Politics

Smith College

Carrie Baker, Study of Women and Gender (on sabbatical during AY 2020-21)
Leslie King, Sociology*

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Laura Briggs, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Aline Gubrium, Public Health (on sabbatical during AY 2020-21)
Betsy Krause, Anthropology
Kirsten Leng, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (on leave during AY 2021-22)
Jennifer L. Nye, History*
Banu Subramaniam, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

*Steering Committee Member

Organizational Steering Committee Members (non-student advising)

Marisa Pizzi, Deputy Director, Civil Liberties and Public Policy
Angie Willey, Director, Five College Women’s Studies Research Center