Five College Consortium

Five College Innovative Language Teaching Fellowships for 2017-18 and Summer 2018

Proposals are welcome for projects to support collaborative (multi-campus) language pedagogy endeavors in summer 2017 and 2017-18 that serve the stated goals of the program. We also welcome drafts and inquiries for discussion. Please visit our site where you will find the online applications for short-term and long-term projects.

Proposals should include the project plan and the intended outcome (exploration or implementation), the names and affiliations of the participating faculty members, the timetable for completing the project, the technical support and other resources needed to complete the project and a budget.

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis until March 16, 2018.

If you would like assistance in finding collaborators for a project you are considering, please provide answers to the questions at the end of this page in an email to Anca Luca Holden, Neal Abraham and Amy Wordelman.

Participating faculty members in each project must be on continuing appointments and the project team must include full-time faculty members from at least two of the five campuses in the consortium. Projects must be designed to improve teaching serving student language learners from several campuses. Collaborations with faculty colleagues outside of the five college consortium will be considered.

Use of various technologies (on-line resources, video-conferencing, social media, gaming, immersive environments, and blended learning approaches) is encouraged.  Materials developed must be made available to all students and faculty colleagues in the Five Colleges without charge; broader dissemination is encouraged.  All materials developed or selected with grant funding must be accessible.

Participating faculty members will be named “Five College Innovative Language Teaching Fellows” and must commit to participating in Five College Innovative Language Teaching Seminars that will meet on a bi-weekly basis in the summer and monthly during the academic year at the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages. Project participants must agree to share their results with colleagues at their own and other institutions in the consortium. Summer stipends for faculty members on continuing appointments in academic-year positions will be limited to $4000 for 5 weeks of full-time work or $8000 for 10 weeks of full-time work.

We expect that ideas for proposals will benefit from discussions and refinements. Inquiries from those seeking help in identifying collaborators or colleagues for certain seminars are encouraged. Questions, tentative proposals, and formal complete proposals should be submitted to:

Anca Holden, Faculty Coordinator;

Sarah Pfaittecher, Executive Director, Five Colleges, Incorporated ;

Amy Wordelman, Interim Director, Five College Center for the Study of World Languages; and

Tracy Kapezi, Post-Baccalaureate Specialist for Language Innovation Learning 

Our goals for new collaborative initiatives and uses of the new Mellon grant are five-fold:

  • To encourage more students to study languages, particularly by making beginning study of those languages more accessible and by making the value of language study for various careers more evident;
  • To encourage more students to study languages at advanced levels, particularly by creating more paths for students to access study at advanced levels through parallel curricula and similar teaching and learning approaches at different campuses and through strategies that reduce barriers for students to take courses at other campuses, particularly those courses burdened by inter-campus transportation (such as those that meet frequently each week);
  • To enhance student learning of languages through the use of new resources and through pedagogies that support a wide range of learning styles and which create larger communities of language learners;
  • To preserve collective capacity to offer a diverse array of languages at both elementary and advanced levels into the future within current resources by enhancing the way we deploy those resources to reach more students more effectively; and
  • To encourage more students in a wide range of majors to study languages at advanced levels, achieving greater understanding of current and historical cultural contexts and gaining language and cultural proficiency useful in a wide range of careers.

For your convenience, a printable copy of this information is provided in the link below in pdf format.


If you are seeking collaborators for a project you are considering and would like help in that search, please submit the following information to:

Anca Holden ( Neal Abraham ( Amy Wordelman ( and Tracy Kapezi (  If you wish, you may just send this information in an email or you may use the word document form attached below.

        1. Very Short Title:

        2. Proposer name(s) and contact information:

        3. Identify the language-learning problem I/we seek to address and/or solve (1-2 sentences):

        4. Propose solution I/we seek to pilot and assess in 1-2 years (2-3 sentences):

        5. Seeking partners (describe who might partner) 1-2 sentences:

        6. Languages: any, OR specify

        7. Disciplines: any, OR specify

File attachments: