Five College Consortium

Using Technology to Support Cross-Campus Learning

(Deadline: February 1, 2011)

The Five College Academic Deans invite proposals for uses of information technology that will improve cross-campus access to courses while expanding opportunities for rich interactions among students and among students and faculty members. Last year, the Deans awarded projects in Music, Physics and Statistics.

The Deans welcome proposals from cross-campus teams of teaching faculty members in all fields for projects to be completed in summer 2011 and/or academic year 2011-2012. They hope to award support for projects exploring a variety of approaches (for example, team-taught courses offered from multiple sites, "blended" courses combining traditional classroom sessions and online components, courses offering students access from multiple sites to learning and research sources, courses engaging students in collaborative work with learning communities beyond the five campuses, courses with online components and offered on different campuses in alternate years, etc.).

Faculty teams may include consultants as well as persons planning to teach a course, and must serve students from multiple campuses.

Grants of up to $4000 will be awarded. These funds may be used to pay stipends up to $1000 per team member as well as other expenses, such as software, equipment or visits by advisors from outside the five institutions. Instructional technology staff will be recruited to support the work of each team.

The Deans will look forward to receiving progress reports on all funded projects in fall 2011 and again, if appropriate, at the end of the project. Additional funding and technical support might be allocated at that time to support especially promising projects with ongoing needs.

Courses enhanced by funded projects should be offered within two years of the grant, assuming approval by campus curriculum committees. Team members will be invited to participate in occasional gatherings with those working on other projects and in workshops showcasing their work.

Proposals should list team members and their roles and explain how the enhancement will draw on information technology to increase student access and learning across the campuses. Proposals should name campuses where the course is likely to be offered. Finally, proposals should briefly outline a project budget, indicating (when possible) needs for particular technical support or expertise.

Submission: Nate Therien, Director Academic Programs (Subject line: Teaching & Technology Deadline: February 1, 2011 (notification of award by March 1, 2011)