Five College Consortium

Long-term Five College Joint Faculty Positions

(Proposals Due February 1, 2011)

The Five College academic deans invite proposals for long-term Five College joint positions (tenure track assistant professors and lecturers).

A long-term Five College joint faculty position may be used to support a new and emerging field by bringing a scholar or artist in a field not currently represented at the institutions. Or it may be used to sustain and renew an established field in anticipation of retirements and other losses. Proposals for long-term Five College joint positions must be reviewed and approved by each of the governance bodies that reviews proposals for long-term positions based at one of the campuses participating in the joint hire.

Departments or interdisciplinary programs interested in applying for a joint position should consult with departmental colleagues across the campuses and with their respective deans. Upon consent of the relevant deans, faculty colleagues from the departments and/or programs applying for a position should prepare a written proposal in consultation with Five College staff members. A proposal should describe the need for the position, explaining how it will support a new and emerging field--or sustain and renew an existing one--across the institutions, keeping in mind that persons in these positions could occasionally offer a course at campuses not directly sharing in the position. A proposal should recommend a home campus and department or program, as agreed by both the dean and department/program of that campus; it should define the position’s responsibilities; most importantly, it should show how the position will contribute to a plan for the field that maximizes coordination and complementarity among the institutions. Completed proposals are due for review and approval by the Five College academic deans by February 1, 2011.

Five College staff members – Neal Abraham and Nate Therien – are available to answer questions and to help in the preparation of proposals.

Submission: Nate Therien, Director Academic Programs (Subject Line: Long-term Five College Joint Faculty Position)