Five College Consortium

Five College Residencies and Visiting Positions (2011-12 and 2012-13)

(Deadline for Application: December 1, 2010)

The Five College Deans invite proposals from faculty members, departments and programs or faculty groups for Five College Residencies (from several weeks up to a year) or Five College Visiting Positions (up to two years). These Residencies or Visiting Positions must advance cooperation among the campuses while addressing curricular needs shared by three or more of the institutions. Residencies or Visiting Positions may be at any rank.

The focus of the person in the proposed residency or visiting position might include curriculum development, faculty professional development, engagement in a scholarly or creative collaboration; but some part of the work must include direct contact with students—in the case of visiting positions, most likely teaching at least one course per semester.

Proposals should include a budget and should describe the institutional needs that the residency or visiting position will address, outline a plan showing how the visitor will help meet these needs for students and faculty members on at least three of the campuses (perhaps in connection with an ongoing collaboration), and explain how the visitor’s work will serve to advance forms of collaboration that will continue beyond the term of the visit. The budget proposed should be commensurate with the term of the residency or visiting position, the obligations and service of the person to be named, and the person’s professional, scholarly or creative profile.

Proposals must identify a clear institutional host for the visitor and a plan for supporting the visitor’s work across the campuses, naming a multi-campus committee and committee chair.

Proposals are welcome in all fields, including studio and performing arts; they may also support collaboration across liberal arts and professional fields.

Five College staff—Neal Abraham and Nate Therien –are available to answer questions and to advise persons or groups preparing proposals.

Proposals should be submitted to Nate Therien
Subject line: Five College Residency/Visiting Position

Deadline for Application: December 1, 2010