Five College Consortium

Summer Course Development Grants (2011): Five College Architectural Studies “Riverscaping: Rethinking Art, Environment and Community”

(Deadline: March 15, 2011)

We are writing to announce an interdisciplinary project to explore the topic of the RIVER as a site of cultural, economic, social, political, artistic and scientific activity, and invite your participation. The project, supported by a grant to Five Colleges from the European Union, includes funding for development of new and revised courses that focus on any aspect of the river—as a place of historical importance, scientific inquiry, or cultural production. We invite course development proposals for courses that will be taught by individuals or teams, particularly teams bringing together faculty members in the arts, humanities and the sciences. Eligibility is open to faculty members in continuing positions at any of the five institutions, regardless of rank.

This 18-month interdisciplinary project, “Riverscaping: Rethinking Art, Environment and Community,” is made possible by a grant to Five Colleges, Incorporated from the European Union’s “Getting to Know Europe” initiative. Led by the Five College Architectural Studies program, the project will support discussion among scholars, designers, scientists and planners here and in Hamburg, Germany, (designated Green City of the Year by the European Union for 2011). Locally, the project will explore how the Connecticut River shapes and connects the communities of the Connecticut River Valley, from Springfield to Turners Falls. For the full range of activities faculty members are encouraged to visit the project website:

Faculty members are invited to submit proposals for new courses and to revise existing courses during the 2011-2012 year. These can be from any discipline as long as they engage with the topic of the river. For example, these could include courses on: river ecosystems, landscape painting, the revitalization of post-industrial mill sites, river shorelines as sites of greenbelt design, designing architecture for the river, the literature of the river, the river in religion and philosophy, the anthropology or history of life along the river, river transportations systems, or the river in music. Other courses might engage the history, science, culture, and/or socio-economic aspects of specific rivers as case studies. Courses on the Connecticut are particularly welcome—but any river (the Hudson, the Seine, the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Nile, the Congo, or the Yangtze, etc.) might be the focus of a wide-ranging scientific, cultural, economic, and/or artistic study. Those awarded should plan to offer the course developed or revised either in 2011-12 or 2012-3. Courses should be offered at least twice. Those awarded will also be expected to participate in one or more project activities; to submit a final report, and to share course syllabi as part of dissemination activities supported by the grant.

Deadline: March 15, 2011
Send to Nate Therien, Director of Academic Programs, Five Colleges. Inc.

Please send:

  1. A one-page proposal explaining how the course relates to the project and when it will be offered;
  2. A brief bibliography that outlines your sources;
  3. A current cv;
  4. A description of plans to participate in other project activities.

There are 5 grants of $1500 summer development stipends to be awarded. This amount is to be shared in the case of team taught courses. Any additional needs (library, studio, or laboratory purchases) should be supplied from other sources.