Five College Consortium

Five College Faculty-Student Summer Research Seminars (Summer 2011)

(Application Deadline February 1, 2011)

With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Five College Academic Deans are pleased to invite proposals for Five College Faculty-Student Research Seminars for Summer 2011.

Now in its second year, the Five College Faculty-Student Summer Research Program supports inter-institutional teams of junior and senior faculty members during six week summer sessions. Cross-campus teams including at least 3 members should use the seminar to explore shared (or separate but related) research projects in the humanities and social sciences. Support from the grant for each team includes stipends for faculty participants (up to $2000 per faculty member, with the total for the entire team not to exceed $6000); it also includes stipends ($400/week) and housing for up to six undergraduate research assistants. Funds are available for visits by outside specialists that advance the research projects of the faculty participants and the scholarly development of the research assistants.

All projects should include: a start-up session placing faculty members' specific research projects within the context of a broader scholarly discussion and outlining a research plan for the six week session; weekly meetings among individual faculty members and their research assistants; regular conferences among faculty team members to discuss research issues as well as how best to support the development of student research skills; a concluding session led by faculty team members to report outcomes and explore future research directions and for research assistants to present their results and prospectuses for their future research.

Proposals should:

  • Name faculty team members, describe their research projects and how they relate, and offer a title for the proposed summer project;
  • Briefly outline a plan for a six-week summer research project;
  • Describe how student research assistants will be recruited and selected, including
  • a date by which selection will be completed;
  • Propose a budget for project-related activities (bringing outside specialists, etc.).

For advice or questions at any stage of proposal preparation contact: Nate Therien or Neal Abraham.

Submission: Nate Therien, Director, Academic Programs, c/o (Subject Line: Mellon Summer Research) (Submission by MS-Word document attachment is preferred.)

Deadline: February 1, 2011