Five College Consortium

The Jackie Pritzen Fund

The Jackie Pritzen Fund, a portion of the endowment of Five Colleges, Incorporated, was established in November 2013 to honor the memory of Jackie Pritzen who served as the first full-time assistant to the Five College Coordinator for academic programs from 1969-1995, retiring as Associate Five College Coordinator for Academic Program Planning.

Earnings from The Pritzen Fund will be used to support Five College programs, particularly those which were of long-term interest to Jackie, including certificate programs, interdisciplinary programs, area studies, dance, theater, faculty development, and the Jackie Pritzen Lecture. Jackie devoted much of her time and energy to exploring and/or building new academic collaborations and strengthening recently established academic collaborations; preference may be given to making awards to support opportunities such as these (exploring, launching, sustaining, enriching) which need funding. We expect to make only a few awards each year. The total amount available for awards in 2017-18 is about $5,000.

Directors, chairs, and coordinators of Five College groups are invited to make application for awards from the fund in the range of $1,500 to $3,500 for projects and initiatives that would enhance some element of their collaborative programs and would involve faculty members from at least three of the campuses in the planning. Funds awarded in 2017-18 must be used by May 15, 2019. Award recipients must report on their projects no later than one month after the activity or event is completed.

Proposals for funding should include a description in 1-2 pages of the project or initiative, a description of the beneficiaries and evidence of involvement of faculty members from at least three campuses, and a budget. Submissions will be reviewed by the Five College Deans, who will then advise the Five College Executive Director, who will make the final decisions on awards and funding amounts.

Proposals may be submitted at any time. They will be reviewed on a rolling basis; review may take 4-6 weeks. Submit proposals by email attachment to: Brian Acevedo, Administrative Assistant for Academic Programs and Communications,