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Parent International Travel Info

We are pleased to advise you of an important support service for Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith College students who are traveling abroad on school-sponsored travel. These schools, through the Five College Consortium, Risk Management Program are institutional members of AIG/Travel Guard, a membership that gives students studying abroad or traveling abroad on school sponsored travel access to a full range of medical information and emergency services.

Access the AIG/Travel Guard Portal and obtain detailed information on the AIG/Travel Guard program benefits.

If your son or daughter calls you with a travel related problem, you can call AIG/Travel Guard on behalf of your student. We strongly recommend that you call the 24-hour Call Center: in order to make a collect call from a landline anywhere in the world, a member need only to dial the operator, advise the country and the phone number (United States – 1-877-244-6871).

Students should print a card from the web site or obtain a wallet card from your program office, sign and carry the card with them while overseas. Please know, however, access to services is NOT dependent on having the card on your person. The membership number is 9125324.

As a member, your student has access to AIG/Travel Guard information services at no charge. These information services range from the web site information provided (including country risk ratings, State Department postings, medical travel recommendations and immunization requirements) to access to medical doctors via phone consultation, referrals to English-speaking doctors, to care assessment and translation services in case of hospitalization.

However, use of actual medical services (beyond information services) or any service that requires an expenditure of funds to another party is not free. While members have access to AIG/Travel Guard clinics and doctors around the world, delivery of such services must be covered by the member and/or the member’s health insurance policy. This program and membership is not an insurance plan! Students are still required to have health insurance that covers them abroad. The College also has limited insurance coverage through AIG for medical evacuation and repatriation; if these services are needed they must be coordinated through the Five College Risk Management Office and AIG for coverage to apply.

Students traveling on school sponsored travel should register their trips with AIG/Travel Guard using the AIG/Travel Guard “My Alerts”. This will give students the opportunity to receive e-mail alerts from AIG/Travel Guard and help enable your program coordinator to contact the student in the event of an emergency. This recommendation is in addition to any other required registrations by your school. Please contact your institution’s International Travel Contacts for more information.