Frequently Asked Questions -- Auto Insurance

Q: How often do I need to SUBMIT driver credentials?

A: Driver credentialing needs to be done once every calendar year. Drivers not previously credentialed or new employees need to credential as soon as possible, and before they may drive a College or rented vehicle.

Q: Where DO I SUBMIT MY driver credentialS?

A: To start the process, go to the Driver Credentialing web site.

Q: Do I need to be credentialed if I occasionally drive my car to a training session off-campus or run errands for the department?

A: We highly recommend that anyone who may drive their personal vehicle on College business should credential, even if the driving is infrequent..

Q: If I drive my own car on College business and have an accident, will the College reimburse me for the deductible on my auto policy? 

A: The College will not pay any claims to Personal Autos for comprehensive or collision damage.

Q: Can a faculty member drive his/her own vehicle on class field trips? 

A: Yes, but it is not recommended. We strongly recommend that you use a College vehicle or rented vehicle instead. College insurance is excess of your personal insurance, and you are not covered for physical damage by the College. Remember, the use of 15 passenger vans is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can students drive their own vehicles on class field trips? 

A: Students may be permitted to drive their own vehicles for their personal pleasure and/or convenience, as long as their presence is not required with the rest of the class during travel time (e.g., the Professor gives a lecture while the class is on the bus.) Students may not drive their personal vehicles or transport other students "on College business" for mandatory field trips. If you need additional vehicles we strongly recommend that the Professor arrange to use College or rented vehicles.