Students who are acting as EMTs or First Responders to accidents or events at the College under the auspices of their college recognized organization are covered by the College for their professional liability as long as they were working within the scope of their authority and responsibility, as well as their license and training.

Insurance Policy Limits

Policy limits are $1,000,000, and the policy is included under the Colleges’ umbrella liability insurance program, with limits up to $50,000,000.


If you are involved in an incident in which you think you may have harmed or increased the harm sustained by an individual, you should follow protocols set by your group for reporting the incident, and report the matter to the Risk Manager immediately.

Reporting an Incident

In reporting any incident, you must provide the following information:

  • Who was involved – include all parties, including you, the party who was or may have been injured; any witnesses; other support teams (such as a local ambulance service) supervisors’ names.
  • When did it (the injury caused by you, or increase in injury already sustained) happen – include date and time.
  • Where did it happen?
  • What happened?
  • How could it have been prevented?
  • Were you acting within/outside the scope of your authority, responsibility or license? If you were acting outside the scope of your authority, responsibilities, or license, why were you doing so? Were there extenuating circumstances that led you to believe this was ok?
  • Provide any other information that would be helpful in understanding the incident and preparing a defense for you.