Five College Consortium

Five College Risk Management

Student Personal Liability

Individuals can be held liable for causing bodily injury, property damage or financial loss to others.

The College is not liable for the actions of its students, nor is it possible for the College to obtain liability insurance on behalf of its students. Student athletes especially should be aware that if they are sued for injuries or damages caused to others in the course of an athletic event, the Colleges’ insurance does not provide coverage. The liability section of a parent’s homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy may provide for the defense of the student and damages awarded, if any, in a suit alleging negligence. Insurance policies will only cover for negligence; they will not ever insure against loss caused by deliberate acts. Students are responsible for avoiding intentional acts or negligent behavior that could harm others or give rise to adverse legal action.

Although the College will not provide liability protection, they may assist the student in obtaining a defense if it is not provided for by parental or personal insurance coverage.

If a student is involved in an accident or is sued because of an accident, and believes that she was acting in the capacity of an employee, volunteer or agent of the College at the time of the accident, contact your Dean of Students immediately for instructions, and also report the incident to the Risk Manager. If you are aware of any accident that could lead to a claim (law suit) you must report it immediately. Failure to report the incident or accident could compromise the College’s ability to defend you if you were acting as agent for the College.