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Volunteers, Directors, and Officers Insurance

How are volunteers covered at the Colleges?

At the option of the Institution, uncompensated volunteers are insured under the College's general liability and educators legal liability insurance policies while acting at the direction of or on behalf of the College, but only while acting within the scope of their duties or obligations in their capacity as a volunteer. All authorized, credentialed drivers are covered by the Colleges' auto insurance as per policies noted elsewhere.

If you are involved in an accident or are sued because of an accident, and believe that you were acting in your capacity as an employee, volunteer or agent of the College at the time of the accident, report the incident to Risk Management immediately. If you are aware of any accident that could lead to a claim (law suit) you must report it immediately. Failure to report the incident or accident could compromise the College's ability to defend you if you were acting as agent for the College.

What if I am volunteering at an outside organization?

If you serve as a volunteer in an organization, you should make sure that the organization carries general liability insurance, and that volunteers are included in the "who is an insured" wording on the policy.

If you are on the board of directors of any organization, ask for a summary of their Directors and Officers Insurance policy. You want to know that if you are personally sued for actions you take on behalf of the organization, that you will be indemnified and defended. If you are a director at a non-profit outside organization as part of your employment at the College, College insurance may also cover you.