Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Committee (SAPIC)

Welcome to the Web site of the Five College Committee for Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention (SAPIC for short).

SAPIC is made up of representatives of campus health services, student affairs offices and police departments as well as the district attorney’s office and the area’s domestic violence survivor support center. SAPIC offers a forum for its members to share ideas, coordinate event planning, support each others’ projects and initiate projects as a group.

We hope that the information provided here will be useful to you. The five colleges have a wide variety of resources available to assist students who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault or relationship violence. We have designed this on-line resource to acquaint you with the range of services and people who stand ready to help.

On this site are links to a wide range of information at all five campuses. As you browse our web site and consider your needs and options, please keep in mind the following guidelines to direct your search to the information that will be most helpful to you:


If you are looking for emergency police assistance, as a first step, please contact the Public Safety Department on the campus where the incident occurred. If you are in need of medical attention, contact Health Services at your own campus. If your Health Services office is closed, go immediately to the University of Massachusetts Health Services or to Cooley Dickinson Hospital (413) 582-2000. Public Safety Departments will assist you in making contact with these facilities and may be able to provide you with transportation.


If you are looking for counseling and support resources, search the Web site on your own campus under health services. Alternatively, you may choose to use counseling services provided by Everywoman's Center at the University of Massachusetts. If you are think you would like to request a police investigation, you may contact either a member of the health services staff or a member of the public safety department on your own campus or on the campus where the incident occurred. Please be advised, however, that the investigation will be conducted by the Public Safety Department (and under the guidelines of the Public Safety Department) where the incident took place.