Five College Consortium

Five College Bus System

The campuses are linked by a daily bus service that is fare-free during the academic year. Some routes include stops at local towns and shopping areas. Schedule information is available on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) website and in printed form on the buses, at bus stops and in campus student services offices.

Please note that road construction has changed many of the times on the Route 39 run between Smith, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke. Please review the schedules below if you plan to use the bus to travel between these campuses. 

Click here for special bus runs covering spring 2017 final exams at Mount Holyoke and Smith. 

Routes and schedules

Anyone expecting to ride a PVTA bus in the Five College area should consult a current bus schedule or visit the schedule links below.

Google Maps lists the official bus schedules of the PVTA and UMass Transit. Use their "Get Directions" tool: Click on the bus icon and add starting and ending locations and an appropriate time.

Check below for scheduling information about specific bus routes and times.

For questions about bus service, call (413) 545-0056. For current service bulletins, visit UMass Transit.

Between UMass, Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke, with connection to Smith: Buses 38 and 39

Bus 38 regularly runs between UMass, Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke. People wishing to go from one of these campuses to Smith can connect with Bus 39 to Smith by changing buses at Hampshire and waiting in a bus shelter until Bus 39 arrives. Please note that there will be a special schedule for Bus 38 during Amherst College's exams in May 2017.

View the schedules for Bus 38 or Bus 39 on the UMass Transit site.

Download a printable PDF giving bus times and course times for the route between Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, Amherst and UMass, Monday through Friday when classes are in session. See a Bus 38 schedule to view dates that bus service is limited. 

Download a printable PDF giving bus times and course times for the route between Smith College and Hampshire College Monday through Friday when classes are in session. 

Between Mount Holyoke and Smith: Bus 39 and Seemo Shuttle express service

There are regularly scheduled buses running from Mount Holyoke to Smith every day, Monday through Friday, with many scheduled to drop students on campus 10 minutes before the start of classes and pick them up about 10 minutes after the end of classes. 

Seemo Shuttles are special, 14-passenger vans that make regular express runs Monday to Friday through the 2016–2017 academic year. There are two stops for the Seemo Shuttle at Mount Holyoke College: at Blanchard Hall and at the stone shelter on Route 116; and two in Northampton: at Smith College’s John M. Greene Hall and at the Northampton Post Office.

Students can also use a combination of the Bus 39 routes between Smith and Hampshire and the Bus 38 route running from UMass to Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke. 

View the schedule for Bus 39 on the UMass Transit site.

Download a printable PDF showing route 39 including Seemo Express shuttles between Mount Holyoke and Smith College Monday through Friday when classes are in session; the schedule includes class times at each institution. 


Between Smith and UMass: Bus 40 (Minuteman Express)

The Minuteman Express offers direct runs between Smith and UMass.

View the schedule for Bus 40/Minuteman Express or the map for Bus 40 on the PVTA site.

Between Smith, Hampshire Mall, UMass and Amherst: Bus 43

Bus 43 runs between Smith, UMass and Amherst, with stops at the Hampshire Mall in Hadley. 

View the schedule for Bus 43 or the map for Bus 43 on the PVTA site. Information about travel on Bus 43 when school is not in session is available on the PVTA site