Dismantling Racism in Museums

An introduction to anti-racist practices in museums

Monday, May 14, 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. 
Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, MA
Free and open to the public

Presenting the keynote address for Museums10’s annual summit, museum educators Keonna Hendrick and Marit Dewhurst will provide participants with an introduction to dismantling racism in museums, offering a broad scope to contemporary strategies and discussions that make space for diverse visitors and colleagues to engage with museums without marginalization. Their discussion will include an exploration of the benefits of prioritizing racial and cultural inclusivity in museum work, strategies for implementation, and the positive potential impact museum practitioners have on communities when they work through an inclusive lens.

[Title]Keonna Hendrick, the senior museum educator at the Brooklyn Museum, is a cultural strategist, thought leader, educator, and author, creating equity through art and museum education. She has co-developed critical multicultural reflective practice, an on-going process in which educators identify, analyze, and challenge the cultural beliefs, values, and assumptions that color their interactions with learners and artworks. Keonna provides professional development at the local and national levels to educators who wish to facilitate inclusive experiences for participants in cultural institutions.

[Title]Marit Dewhurst is the director of art education and assistant professor in art and museum education at City College of New York (CUNY), where she also directs City Art Lab, a community art education program. Her work on the role of art in social justice education, culturally relevant pedagogy, and community development, has been published in several books and journals such as Equity & Excellence in Education, The Harvard Educational Review, The Journal of Art Education, and International Journal of Education Through Art. Her book, Social Justice Art: A Framework for Activist Art Pedagogy was recently published by Harvard Education Press.

Museums10 is a collaboration of seven campus and three campus-affiliated museums that work together to celebrate the collections and promote the programs of its member museums to local, regional and national visitors.