Five College Consortium

Student Events Funding

The Student Coordinating Board, made up of student leaders from each Five College campus, often has funds available to support events aimed at bringing together students from all five campuses. Click the link below to download an application, or for more information contact Kevin Kennedy.

Download the Student Coordinating Board funding application.

Lecture Fund

(proposals accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis)

The Five College Lecture Fund constitutes a supplemental source of support for inter-institutional groups bringing programming to the Valley (lectures, symposia, performances, cultural fairs, small exhibitions, etc.). Normally, grants are made for special “one-time” events and not events repeated annually or as part of an ongoing series. Projects supported through the Lecture Fund must include components that are free and open to the public. Projects including engagement with elementary and secondary schools are particularly welcome and may qualify for supplemental funding, when appropriate.

To be eligible for funding, proposals should demonstrate:

  • commitments of financial support from at least 3 campuses, preferably all five;
  • equitable distribution of events on the campuses when appropriate;
  • participation in planning by persons from at least 3 campuses, preferably all five;
  • in the case of projects engaging elementary and secondary schools, projects must include participation by partners from the schools involved.

Allocations from the Fund normally do not exceed the total raised from other sources and generally don’t exceed $2,000. (Projects engaging elementary or secondary schools may qualify for supplemental funding.) In general, if a funded project is sited entirely at a single campus, an allocation will not exceed the sum of contributions from the campuses not hosting events. Exceptions may be made if programs include active participation by people from multiple campuses or benefit by especially high levels of cross-campus collaboration in some other way.

Events sponsored by one institution or institutional group do not qualify for funding simply by virtue of being open to persons from all five colleges.

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. A description of the program being planned and an assessment of its potential value for the five college community.
  2. A description of the sponsoring group (i.e., cooperating departments, faculty seminar, interdisciplinary studies group, five college student group, etc.), including the name and telephone number of the person responsible for the proposal and the names of individuals at the other colleges involved in planning.
  3. In the case of proposals including engagement with elementary and secondary schools, the proposal should outline the nature of the proposed activity, how the needs of the school have been identified, and how the proposed activity will help meet those needs. The proposal must identify partners from the schools participating in the planning and implementation of the project. Marla Solomon, Director of the Five College Partnership Programs, can advise on finding partners in the schools.
  4. A budget that includes both anticipated expenditures and contributions (in addition to funds being requested from Five Colleges, Incorporated).
  5. A detailed description of proposed arrangements for publicizing project events throughout the five colleges. Events supported by the Lecture Fund must be publicized as Five College events. Funded groups are asked to send copies of promotional materials (flyers, posters) to the Five College Center and to acknowledge the support of the Five College Lecture Fund.

Proposals may be submitted any time throughout the academic year; however, applicants should submit proposals well in advance of the date when the event is to take place -- at least four weeks is recommended to allow time for advance publicity.

For advice or with questions, email Janna White, Academic Programs Coordinator, or contact her through campus mail or by calling (413) 542-4000.

Applications should be submitted to Brian Acevedo and Janna White. (Subject: Lecture Fund).