Request a Basic Program Website

Departments, programs, and other Five College groups may request a website as part of the content management system. The Five College Buddhist Studies Certificate Program is an example of a basic site.

Example: Five College Buddhist Studies Certificate Program or Five College Schools Partnership
Please describe your group or organization ( eg Five College center, certificate program, major, committee...) and what it does.
Contact information for program/group/committee
If there is already a website (even if outdated), please give us the address.
Please briefly explain the purpose of the website, anticipated users, etc.
If you do not have an existing web presence, or if it will change substantially, please list the primary sections you anticipate your site to have. For example, academic certificate programs will have at least Courses, People, and Certificate. Other common sections are Events, Resources, Programs, etc. All academic sites will have a secure area, not publicly viewable, which can be used for communication and collaboration. Other sites can also have secure areas, if requested.
If known, please add the name, title, email, and other contact information for other people who will be responsible for site content.