Sustainability on Your Campus

Each of the campuses pays a great deal of attention to sustainable approaches to operations such as cogeneration power plants, green buildings, transportation, sustainable dining and other exciting initiatives.

For more detailed information on sustainability programs, interest groups and initiatives on each campus, check out the links below.


Photo: Mount Holyoke's Creighton Hall, completed in 2008, received LEED Gold Certification. Pictured here are the solar thermal collectors which provide nearly 25% of the hot water.

Amherst College

Environmental Studies

Green Amherst (administrative)

Green Amherst Project (GAP, student group)

Hampshire College

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Program (ESSP)

Hampshire Farm Center

Mount Holyoke College

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Studies

Miller Worley Center for the Environment

Thematic Minor in Food

Smith College

Environmental Science & Policy

Green Smith

Office of Environmental Sustainability

Smith Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability (CEEDS)

Smith College Campus Sustainability on Facebook

UMass Amherst

Green Learn

Green Impact

Green Innovate

Green Live

Green UMass Amherst