Five College Consortium

Five College Sustainability Studies Program

Five College Sustainability Studies Certificate Advisors

The Five College Sustainability Studies Certificate Program is available to students at Amherst College, Hampshire College and Mount Holyoke College. If you are interested in pursuing the certificate, please contact the certificiate advisor at your campus.

Amherst College

Ethan Clotfelter, Biology and Environmental Studies

Hampshire College

Tim Zimmerman, Cognition and Education

Frederick Wirth, Physics

Mount Holyoke College

Tim Farnham, Miller Worley Center for the Environment

Sustainability Studies Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Amherst College

Ethan D. Clotfelter, Biology and Neuroscience
Rachel A. Levin, Biology & Environmental Studies
Rick A. Lopez, History, and Latina/o Studies
Anna M. Martini, Geology
Jill S. Miller, Biology
Joseph G. Moore, Philosophy
Katherine Sims, Economics
Michelle O. Stewart, Environmental Studies
Ethan J. Temeles, Biology

Hampshire College

Dula Amarasiriwardena, Chemistry
Gabriel Arboleda, Environmental Design
Christina Cianfrani, Hydrology
Donna Cohn, Applied Design
Omar Dahi, Economics
Susan Darlington, Anthropology and Asian Studies
Beth Hooker, Food Farm and Sustainability
Peter Kallok, Theatre Design
Michael Klare, Peace and World Security Studies
Karen Koehler, Architectural History
Thom Long, Architectural and Design
Rayane Moreira, Organic Chemistry
Robert Rakoff, Politics and Environmental Studies
Steve Roof, Earth and Environmental Science
Brian Schultz, Entomology and Ecology
Colin Twitchell, Lemelson Assistive Technology Development Center
Lawrence Winship, Botany

Mount Holyoke College

Doug Amy, Political Science
Jill Bubier, Environmental Studies
Jens Christensen, Economics
Catherine Corson, Environmental Studies
Holly Hanson, History and Africana Studies
Martha Hoopes, Biological Sciences
Girma Kebbede, Geography
Lauret Savoy, Environmental Studies

Smith College

Joanne Benkley, Environmental Science and Policy Program, and CEEDS
Andrew Guswa, Engineering, and the Smith College Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability (CEEDS)
Ann Leone, Landscape Studies, and French
L. David Smith, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Science and Policy Program

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jack Ahern, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning
Lee Badgett, Public Policy and Administration
Dave Damery, Building and Construction Technology
Paul Fisette, Environmental Conservation
Henry Geddes, Communications
John Gerber, Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainability Studies
Dan Gordon, BDIC, and History
David Kastor, Physics
Mark Leckie, Geosciences
Craig Nicolson, Environmental Conservation
Robert Ryan, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning
Steve Schreiber
, Architecture
Eve Vogel, Geosciences