Staff Contacts

Here you can find listed all of the staff contacts for the Five College Consortium, organized by office.

Executive Director

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Sarah Pfatteicher

Executive Director

Sarah is responsible for all of the consortium's programs. Sarah meets regularly with Five Colleges leadership groups to plan, strategize, and evaluate the work of the consortium.

Academic Programs

For information on: Center for World Languages; FC Dance; cross-registration; certificate programs; and faculty opportunities.

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Matthew Adelson

Production Manager, Five College Dance

Working with professional staff members and students, Matthew supports a rich interactive artistic/academic environment by managing Five College Dance performances and productions across the five campuses.

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Kendra Allman

Program Assistant, Five College Center for World Languages.

Kendra provides educational, logistical, and administrative support for Five College Center for World Languages (FCCWL) course and other activities.

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Cindy Bright

Program Coordinator, Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Program

Cindy organizes and manages all aspects of the Five College Coastal & Marine Sciences program. Cindy conducts program outreach, supports student advising, and  coordinates students' field research.

Melinda Buckwalter

Melinda Buckwalter

Managing Director, Five College Dance

Melinda collaborates with the dance departments and programs across the Five College campuses to amplify access to the rich and varied artistic and academic opportunities available at each, including repertory projects, lectures, concerts, and master classes.

Karla Carruth

Hindi and Urdu Teaching Assistant, Five College Center for World Languages

Karla implements a language learning curriculum for Hindi and Urdu.

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Aubrey Daviau

Post-Baccalaureate Assistant Production Manager, Five College Dance

Aubrey provides production management support for Five College Dance events on multiple campuses.

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Anca Luca Holden

Language Pedagogy Specialist, Five College Center for World Languages

Anca works as part of a team that trains and supports foreign language teaching assistants (FLTAs) and conversation partners for Five College Center for World Languages (FCCWL) courses.

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Theo Hull

Program Assistant, Five College Center for World Languages

Theo provides educational, logistical, and administrative support for Five College Center for World Languages (FCCWL) course and other activities.

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Agnes Kimokoti

Swahili Language Mentor, Five College Center for World Languages

Agnes conducts individual tutorials and small group conversation sessions with students in elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of Swahili on all Five College campuses.

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Elliot Krasnopoler

Assistant Director for Research and Assessment

Elliot provides program development and management support to the project leaders and core team of the Building Academic Leadership in the Humanities grant.

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Ray Rennard

Director of Academic Programs

Ray provides oversight and management of the Consortium's academic partnerships and programs.

Lily Sendroff

Lily Sendroff

Program Coordinator, Women's Studies Research Center

Lily handles the daily operations of the Women's Studies Research Center, including outreach and communications, event management, coordination of the research associates program, and budget management.

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April Shandor

Academic Programs Coordinator

April provides support in overseeing cross-campus academic programs, supporting existing academic collaborations, and facilitating the development of new collaborations.

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Nell Volkmann

Academic Programs Administrative Assistant

Nell provides general administrative support to the Director of Academic Programs, with particular emphasis on creating and maintaining records for programs and initiatives managed by the Five Colleges Academic Programs Office.

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Janna White

Director, Five College Center for World Languages

Janna directs and manages the Five College Center for World Languages' programs and curricular development projects, supervises the Center's staff, and administers the Center’s initiatives. Janna serves as part of our academic programs team, and contributes to overall leadership of our academic programs.

Business Services

For more information on: requesting payments.

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Toby Hall

Accounting and Benefits Coordinator

Toby handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, benefits administration, and business office records.

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Yvette Morneau

Director of Business Services and Treasurer

Yvette holds fiduciary responsibility for all of our financial matters, and brings vision to the Consortium's cooperative and collaborative endeavors. Yvette serves as a senior leader for our organization and its subsidiary Five Colleges Net, LLC.

Development and External Programs

For more information on: Center of East Asian Studies; Collections Management Commons; Paradigm Shift; Partnership Programs; and grants.

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Bea Cusin

Administrative Assistant for Sponsored Projects

Bea provides broad administrative support to our development office, with specific emphasis on grant-supported projects, including the Five College Collections Management Commons project and the Five College Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Project.

Kristin Langevin

Office Manager, Learning in Retirement

Kristin provides operational support for Five College Learning in Retirement (LIR) activities and programs, working closely with LIR's elected officers and committees.

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Danielle Phillips

Managing Director, Paradigm Shift

Danielle is responsible for overall project management, coordination of participant resources and services, and support to the Diverse Teacher Workforce Coalition/Paradigm Shift leadership team. This project strengthens the pipeline for Black and Latinx paraeducators to become licensed K-12 teachers in western Massachusetts public schools.

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Anne Prescott

Director, Five College Center for East Asian Studies

Anne manages programs to support teaching about East Asia in K-12 schools and builds relationships among faculty members and programs at the college level. Anne also leads study tours to East Asia.

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Rachel Beth Sayet

Community Development Fellow, Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS)

Rachel Bethworks with campus leaders and others to connect the curricular components of the NAIS “Gathering at the Crossroads” project to the people and structures necessary for the curriculum to be successful. Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this project aims to build a model of collaborative teaching and learning for Native American and Indigenous Studies.

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Matt VanHeynigen

Director of Development and Sponsored Programs

Matt identifies and manages external funding and supervises externally-facing programs, including Five College Partnership Programs, the Five College Center for East Asian Studies, and the Five College Learning in Retirement Program.

Finn Murray

Finn Murray

Program Assistant, Five College Center for East Asian Studies

Finn provides essential support for the Center for East Asian Studies including bookkeeping, communications, and database management.


For more information on: communicating or meeting with the Executive Director.

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Julie Holt

Executive Assistant

Julie provides administrative support to the executive director and other members of our leadership team. Julie also serves as receptionist and office manager.

Information Technology

For more information on: FC Net and information technology.

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Tom Brennan

Director of Information Technology

Tom provides leadership and management of all IT-related capabilities for both FCI and its subsidiary Five College Net, LLC, as well as for the Five College member campuses' collaborative efforts.

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Corlan Smith

Post-Baccalaureate Technologist

Corlan works with our IT Team to provide IT support and develop IT resources for our staff; they also supports Five College IT projects and initiatives.


For more information on: FC Annex; Library Repository; and delivery.

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Jason Fuller

Collection Manager, Five College Library Repository Collection

Jason oversees and manages the physical organization, care, and delivery of materials in the Five College Library Repository Collection.

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Shonda Pettiford

Director of Operations

Shonda is responsible for internal operations, human resources, and facilities management. Shonda also serves as assistant treasurer.

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Randy Sexton

Five College Messenger

Randy transports intercampus mail and library materials among the five member institutions, and the Five College Library Repository Collection locations.

Jeff Cross

Jeff Cross

Operations Assistant

Jeff provides administrative support for facility management, human resources, records management, emergency preparedness, and library services.

Risk Management

For more information on: claims; driver credentialing; minor safety, and Collegiate Catalyst Fund.

Anna Domings Smiling

Anna Domings

Risk and Compliance Coordinator

Anna manages the databases used for minor safety, driver credentialing, certificates of insurance, and waivers/informed consent. Anna also leads education and training in minor safety compliance while managing the day-to-day operation of the Office of Risk Management

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K. Dymek

Insurance and Claims Manager

K. manages and administers the Office of Risk Management’s insurance policies and claims, including the record-keeping associated with these policies or programs.

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Ruth Rauluk

Director of Risk Management

Ruth oversees the Five College Office of Risk Management; manages the insurance and risk management programs for the four colleges (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith) and our organization; and serves as COO of the Collegiate Catalyst Fund, LLC captive insurance program.

Strategic Engagement

For more information on: publications; social media; events; museums, and meeting at 97 Spring Street.

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Hilary Caws-Elwitt

Museum Collections Information Analyst

Hilary's responsibilities include website administration and supporting the museum collections database.

Annie Croteau

Annie Croteau

Strategic Engagement Manager

Annie manages key events and communications and supports a variety of community partnerships.

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Carrie Evans

Database Coordinator

Carrie supports the work of six museums that share a common collection management system and public portal. Carrie works with the database users group to maintain and improve these systems.


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Kevin Kennedy

Director of Strategic Engagement

Kevin is the public relations officer for Five Colleges. His administrative responsibilities include work with committees in such areas as admissions, museum collaboration, and student affairs, and as liaison to community and government entities. He also coordinates inter-campus bus service with the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority.