Apply to every campus in which you are interested. Each campus makes its own admission and financial aid decisions and does not share its decisions with other campuses.

You will enroll at one of the five campuses: Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith or UMass. Grades from classes you take at other Five College campuses will transfer automatically to your home campus and will appear on your transcript. Your degree will be from your home campus.

Rules on auditing courses vary from campus to campus. Check with the registrar's office on the campus in which you are interested:
Amherst College
Hampshire College
Mount Holyoke College
Smith College
UMass Amherst


The Five Colleges office is located at 97 Spring Street in downtown Amherst, Massachusetts, two blocks east of the Amherst Common. 

View directions to Five Colleges and its member campuses.

Three of the schools are in Amherst, Massachusetts and the other two are in neighboring towns. It would be possible to do a "drive-by" of each school in one day, but one day is not enough time to take tours and do interviews. To do a tour, an interview, and perhaps visit with some students and faculty members or sit in on a class would take at least half a day on each campus. 

View contact information on tours at each campus.

Three campuses -- AmherstHampshire and UMass Amherst -- are within 10-minute drives of one another in Amherst, Massachusetts. Mount Holyoke is a 20 minute drive from Amherst in South Hadley and Smith, in the city of Northampton, is a 20-minute drive from any of the other campuses.