Celebrating Student Work

Opportunities for celebrating student work and achievements within the Consortium.

Whether it is presenting research at a symposium, sharing artistic efforts in a  gallery exhibition, or collaborating in a performance, there are many opportunities for students on Five College campuses to come together in celebration of their work and achievements. See list below for many of those opportunities. 

Student Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships

Lorna Peterson Prize

The Lorna M. Peterson Prize supports scholarly and creative work by undergraduate students taking part in Five College programs and cross campus collaborations. The $500 prize is awarded annually based on nominations from Five College programs.

For more information see a description and nomination guidelines at the Lorna Peterson Prize web page.

Five College Student Film & Video Festival

Held annually in the Spring semester, the Five College Student Film and Video Festival welcomes entries from students at all five campuses.

Award Categories: Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Experimental, Best Narrative, Best of Amherst College, Best of Hampshire College, Best of Mt. Holyoke College, Best of Smith College, Best of UMass, Amherst

For further information, see the Five College Student Film & Video Festival page.

Denis Johnston Playwrighting Prize

Awarded by Smith College Department of Theatre for the best play or musical written by an undergraduate at any campus in the Five College consortium. For information on how to apply, please contact the Smith College Department of Theatre.

The Tryon Prize for Writing

The Tryon Prize is a monetary prize awarded by a jury for outstanding writing that examines art or ideas associated with the Smith College Museum of Art. Any Smith College student or Five College student in a Smith class may compete for the prize.

The Tryon Prize is named for Dwight W. Tryon, painter, benefactor of the Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA), and professor of art at Smith College from 1886 to 1923 and is endowed by members of SCMA’s Visiting Committee.

Find submission details at:

Virginia Wagner Dance Scholarship

This need-based scholarship is awarded in the spring to a student (or students) in the Five College Dance programs for substantial and valuable contributions to the programs and productions. Candidates must be full-time matriculated students with 2.5 GPAs (or equivalent good academic standing at Hampshire College) who are continuing their studies for the following year. Awards are based on faculty nominations to the Chair of the Five College Dance Department, who makes the selection of the scholarship recipients.

Mary Dailey Irvine Prize, Five College Astronomy Department

This prize is established through a gift from the Irvine Family to the Five College Astronomy Department in memory of Mary Dailey Irvine (Smith College, 1922). This prize exists to encourage and honor excellent undergraduate research in astronomy and astrophysics. The prize is awarded to a graduating senior from one of the Five College institutions for an outstanding senior thesis or research paper presented to the department on an astronomical or astrophysical topic.

Please visit the Astronomy Department's webpage for more information on undergraduate awards and scholarships.


Academic Conferences & Symposia Featuring Undergraduate Students

Five College Undergraduate Anthropology Conference

Hosted by the Five College Anthropology Program, this annual undergraduate conference features work and presentations by students from all five campuses. Please contact a campus anthropology department for more information.

Asian/Pacific/American Studies Certificate Student Presentations

Hosted by the Five College Asian/Pacific/American Studies program.

Five College East Asian Languages Program

The following events are hosted each Spring semester by the Five College East Asian Languages Program. Please contact the program for more information.

Chinese Speech Contest 
Japanese Speech Contest
Korean Speech Contest

Five College Ethnomusicology Certificate Celebration

Hosted by the Five College Ethnomusicology Certificate program.

Five College Film Studies Undergraduate Conference

Hosted by the Five College Film Council.


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Undergraduate Student Exhibitions & Performances

Five College Advanced Studio Class Art Exhibition

Each fall three students from each Five College campus enroll in the Advanced Studio Course, taught by an artist in residence. The semester ends with a show of the work the students created in the course. 

For more information, contact a campus art department. 

Five College Choral Festival

Normally held every two years, the Five College Choral Festival features groups and ensembles from all of the campuses in the Five College consortium.

For more information contact a campus choral group.

Five College Dance Department Concerts

Please see the Five College Dance Department's Calendar of Events for audition, workshop, and performance dates. Annual performances featuring student work normally include a Fall semester Faculty Dance Concert, a Spring semester senior thesis concert, as well as a Guest Artist Concert.

Five College Student Film & Video Festival

Annual festival hosted by the Five College Film Council.

Award Categories: Best of Amherst College, Best of Hampshire College, Best of Mt. Holyoke College, Best of Smith College, Best of UMass, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Experimental, Best Narrative

For submission deadlines and further information, see the Five College Student Film Festival page.

Five College PoetryFest

This public event features the work of two students from each of the five campuses. It is hosted by a different campus each year and usually takes place in March. 

Five College Jazz Festival

For information contact a campus jazz ensemble.

Five College Opera

The Five College Opera normally occurs every three years and features performances of students from numerous campuses in the consortium.

WORD! Five College Festival of Staged Readings

Hosted by the Five College Multicultural Theater program.       

WORD! A Five College Festival of staged readings (of recently written short plays or excerpts from them) builds on a highly successful model originated by the University’s New World Theater. The primary goals of the festival are to identify and nurture student writers who are engaging in multicultural themes and/or aesthetics; to increase contact between the departments of theater and the communities of color on the respective campuses; and to further Five College exchange through the mechanism of a rotating festival."   

For more information, please visit the Five College Multicultural Theater's webpage.