Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the Five College Asian/Pacific/American Studies Certificate Program

As railroad workers and refugees, dance hall performers and PhDs, as businessmen and organizers, soldiers and interpreters, Asian/Pacific/Americans have played an integral role in American history. From diverse origins, Asian/Pacific/Americans have forged solidarity among themselves as well as with African Americans, Latin@s, and American Indians to counter the exploitation of a racialized marketplace and discriminatory law. Asian/Pacific/American students formed the backbone of the movement to establish A/P/A studies at colleges and universities throughout the United States. The A/P/A experience provides fundamental perspectives on the American experience as well as the legacies of colonialism and dynamics of globalization.

Come explore all this and more through the Five College Asian/Pacific/American Studies Certificate Program. The Certificate Program is overseen by a committee of faculty representing several disciplines from all of the Five College institutions:

The committee works to coordinate and expand course offerings at the five institutions, advises students seeking to fulfill program requirements in Asian/Pacific/American Studies and coordinates special events among the five institutions in collaboration with students from the five campuses. Program advisers will help you build an academic concentration around your interests from dozens of courses offered on the five campuses.

Combining coursework with internships and field experience, you will learn to appreciate A/P/A cultural expressions, understand the racial formation of Asian/Pacific/Americans and investigate how international conflicts, global economic systems and ongoing migration affect A/P/A communities and their intersections with others.