Visiting & Meeting

You can find information, rules, and guidelines regarding visiting our central office at 97 Spring Street.

Scheduling a Meeting at Five Colleges

Our central office is at 97 Spring St. in Amherst has two meetings rooms with accompanying outdoor spaces (weather permitting). These rooms can be reserved for meetings of recognized Five College committees and groups. To request a meeting room reservation, follow the link below.
This page updated September 21, 2022.

Vaccination, Testing & Masking Protocols

Anyone visiting from a Five College member campus will be assumed to be following the vaccination and testing guidelines of their home campus, and will not require further proof of vaccination or exemption. Visitors from beyond our member campuses will not be required to show proof of vaccination. Five College masking policies follow those of the campus where each office is based. At 97 Spring Street masks are not required, but visitors and staff are welcome to wear them. 

Thing to know when you visit our 97 Spring St.


Visitors can park in front of our building. Additional parking is available in our lower parking lot. Street parking on Spring Street is residential parking only. Please do not park on the street unless you have a residential parking sticker from the Town of Amherst, and refrain from parking on the grass in front of our building.


The front door of our building is accessible via a ramp and our first floor restroom is wheelchair accessible.

Location of Meeting Rooms

There are signs on the front of the reception desk that will confirm the location and time of your meeting. The Burn Room, our larger meeting room, can be found by passing on the right side of the reception desk. The Dining Room, our smaller meeting room, is on the left side of the reception desk (near the stairs).


Meals may contain common allergens. We typically order vegetarian options. If members of your group have specific dietary needs, please let us know.

Wifi and Equipment

Each of our meeting rooms is equipped with a large screen TV to which a laptop can be connected for presentations or videoconferencing. While we have adapters to connect most laptops, please bring your own or contact us in advance to confirm that we have the type of connection your device requires.

Our rooms also have a conference phone that can be placed in the center of the room for conference calls.

Wireless access is available throughout the building. Eduroam is the preferred method for connecting seamlessly; eduroam requires initial set up on your home campus. Other connections require a few minutes to set up onsite.

Meeting Time

Please promptly leave the room once your meeting has concluded. We’ll need to prepare the room for the next event. If additional meeting time is needed, please see a member of our staff to confirm that the room is available.


Please contact or (413) 542-4000 with any questions regarding your event.

Procedures for Meeting at 97 Spring Street

These procedures have been developed by the Five College Consortium after consulting with guidelines issued by our member campuses, the CDC, and the Massachusetts Department of Health.

  • When there is a Five College meeting, there will always be a Zoom option.
  • If you are attending a Five College meeting from a Five College campus, we will assume that you are following the vaccination and testing guidelines of your campus, and will not require further proof of vaccination or exemption.
  • Visitors from beyond our member campuses will not be required to show proof of vaccination. 
  • If you’re attending a Five College meeting in person, you will have access to the bathrooms, the kitchen, and other indoor spaces, even if you’re meeting outside.
  • You may bring food and beverages for your own consumption, and there may be times when we are able to provide boxed lunches for meeting attendees.
  • If you eat or drink while you’re here, we ask that you bus and clean your space. Cleaning supplies will be available in meeting spaces.
  • In keeping with current campus and CDC guidelines, the capacity limits of our rooms are at their normal seating capacity, but we cannot exceed: 14 for the Burn Room and eight for the Dining Room.
  • The capacity limit for outdoor meetings is based on available seating.
  • For more information or to schedule a meeting, contact Annie Croteau