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Five College Dance/UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center workshop with RUBBERBANDance, 2019, at Hampshire College. Photo by Nikki Lee. 

Upcoming Events

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December 1-2, 7:30PM at Scott Dance Studio, Smith College

Bare Bones Dance Concert

The Smith College Department of Dance presents the Bare Bones Concert. This concert offers an exciting showcase of dances choreographed, performed, and produced by undergraduate students. Free and open to the public. Limited seating.

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Saturday, December 3, 10AM-4PM at Smith College

Five College Dance Production Workshop

Open to all Five College students and required for FC Dance majors, this one-day workshop will teach you the basics of self-producing your own dance work. Hosted by the Five College Dance production team with special guests Shelley Latham and Kathy Couch. If you want to attend but are not a dance major, please email Aubrey,

This graphic has a combination of cubes, triangles, and circles whose faces offer the information about the concert - In Worlds as if.

December 1-3, 8PM at Holden Theater, Amherst College

Senior Honors Project: In Worlds, As If

In Worlds, As If, is a multi-media exploration of human dreams made through movement, video projection and solo performance. A collaborative senior honors project by Theater and Dance majors Hee Won Youn ‘23, Nick Govus ‘23E, and Julian Brown ‘23, In Worlds, As If examines the relationships among the various stages of sleep and the construction of dream worlds by the brain as it synthesizes memory and sensory experience. This thought-provoking performance by these emerging artists comprises three distinct pieces woven together: “Synapse,” “Lacuna,” and “[Beyond].” Free and open to the public.

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December 2-4, at UMass Amherst

Jazz Dance Workshops at UMass Amherst

Please join us for a weekend centered around the embodiment of joy through Jazz. In this workshop we will explore the interdisciplinary nature of the continuum of Black American artistry through the lens of jazz, musical theater, and hip-hop. We look forward to seeing you there!

Class schedule: 
Friday Dec 2
4-6 Musical Theater class 

Saturday Dec 3
10-11:45 Jazz class
12-1:45 Tap
2-3 Break
3-4:45 Hip Hop class 
5-6:45 Jazz class

Sunday Dec 4
10:30-12:15 House class
1:30-3:15 Audition workshop

Silhouette of a group of dancers and solo dancers on a blue lit stage with the words Alive With Dance Presents and in bigger text UMass Student Choreography Concert.

December 9 and 10, 7:30pm, Totman Gym, UMass Amherst

Alive With Dance: UMass Student Choreography Concert

All welcome, free admission. Limited seating, reserve a spot.

Travel Packages for Spring 23

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Amherst College Travel Packages


1:00-2:20 | Experiments Across Media | Woodson | THDA 254

2:30-4:00 | Solo Performance: Sound, Image, Movement, Text | Woodson | THDA 355

4:30-5:40 | Dance Technique: Int/Adv Contemporary | Konner | THDA 218H

2:30-4:20 | The Language of Movement | Kim | THDA 111

4:30-5:40 | Dance Technique: Int/Adv Contemporary | Konner | THDA 218H


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Hampshire College Travel Packages


10:30-11:50 | Queer Dance Theory & Practice | Lailye Weidman | # TBD

1:00-2:20 | Beg/Int Contemporary Dance Tech: Somatic Entrances | Lailye Weidman | # TBD


A light blue capital MHC with a graceful arc underscore

Mount Holyoke Travel Packages


10:00-11:15 | Issues in Contemporary Dance & Performance | Craig-Quijada | DANCE 171

11:30-12:45 | Int Hip Hop: Breakin | Ramirez | DANCE 232



9:00-10:15 | Int Ballet | Kouwe | DANCE 222

10:30-11:15 | Intro to Hip Hop | Barron | DANCE 132


9:00-10:15 | Adv Modern Improvisation | Davis | DANCE 319

10:30-11:15 | Int Modern | Kouwe | DANCE 216


1:45-3:00 | Funk Styles | Barron | DANCE TBD

3:15-4:30 | Int Dance Composition | Kouwe | DANCE 252


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Smith College Travel Packages


1:40-2:55 | Int Hip Hop | Jean Philippe | DAN 246

3:05-4:20| Beg Contact Improvisation | Revlock | DAN 119


5:00-6:30 | Adv Ballet Technique | Blum & McCool | DAN 325

7:00-9:30 (Mondays only) | Salsa in Theory & Practice | Tomé | DAN 377



1:10-2:35 | Int Contemporary Dance Technique | Konner | DAN 216

2:45-4:45 | Elementary Composition | Lass | DAN 151


2:45-4:45 | Elementary Composition | Lass | DAN 151

5:00-6:30 | Adv Contemporary Dance Technique | Lass | DAN 318


UMass logo - Red text Mass overlaying a large white U

UMass Amherst Travel Packages


12:20-1:10 | Ballet IV | Vacanti | DANCE 223

1:25-2:20 | Pilates | Christie | DANCE 297


1:25-2:15 | Ballet VI | Vacanti | DANCE 325

2:30-3:45 | Bodies, Movement, and Queer Meaning | Kouwe | DANCE / WGS 395V



1:00-2:15 | Modern II | Christie | Christie | DANCE 114

2:30-3:45 | Rhythmic Analysis | Olsen Bay | DANCE 287


2:30-3:45 | Hip Hop | Holland | DANCE 197P

4:00-6:45 | Scientific Foundations of Dance | McCullough | DANCE 241

(See Course Search for Lab Sections)


New Cross Listed Course: DAN 395V
Bodies, Movement, and Queer Meaning in Contemporary Dance
Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30 - 3:45

What do we learn from the way we move through the world? What can movement teach us about relationship and identity? How can dance function as a realm to practice new ways of relating or building alternative futures? This class poses an inquiry into queer and feminist thought through the lens of dance. We recognize the body as a site of knowledge production and investigate how movement and performance can highlight the intersection of theory and lived experience. Class has a regular movement component: students will be guided through improvisational practices to develop their own methods of inquiry through movement. No previous experience with dance is necessary and dancers from all traditions are encouraged to join. Our practice will be in conversation with authors including adrienne marie brown, Audre Lorde, Ann Cooper Albright, Petra Kuppers, José Muñoz, Fiona Buckland, and others. We will watch and be in conversation about performances by choreographers like Rosie Herrera, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Ananya Chatterjea, Miguel Guitierrez, and Ralph Lemon.

The WGSS course option is open to all. The DANCE option is open to BA and BFA majors in dance. 


Poster for Modern and Contemporary Placement class in pastel pink, yellow, and blue

Modern / Contemporary / House Dance Placement Class

The Modern / Contemporary / House Dance placement class is  a 2-hour workshop with Modern / Contemporary / House dance faculty across the Five Colleges scheduled for Friday, Dec 9 from 4:30 to 6:30pm at Scott Studio, Smith College. Successful completion will allow students to register for advanced Modern, Contemporary, and House Dance courses at the Five Colleges for Spring 23, Fall 23, and going forward. Since the placement class falls after registration, students are advised to register for both intermediate and advanced options and drop the extra course as needed.

Any student taking intermediate and advanced level dance courses in Five College Dance may attend the placement class. Please consult faculty on your home campus about your desire to enroll so they can advise you before you sign up.