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Five College Dance Auditions at Amherst College with Shakia The Key. Photo © Jim Coleman.

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Announcing the Fall 24 FCD Repertory Project

Bill T Jones, a Black man kneels on the floor with palm outstretched

Bill T. Jones's Spent Days Out Yonder (2000)

Spent Days Out Yonder (2000), set to the andante second movement of Mozart's String Quartet in F major (K. 590), evolved from one of Bill T. Jones's solo improvisations that was recorded during a time when Bill was working with postmodern choreographer Trisha Brown. His improvisation was recreated by then rehearsal director Janet Wong (now associate artistic director) and later made into a full company work. (Here is a solo version of the work.) The intricate and detailed movement and musicality marries Trisha's release technique strategies with Bill's Africanist sensibilities of rhythm, sensuality, and spinal articulation/undulation. Bill, in recalling the improvisation, says he listened to Mozart as though he was listening to James Brown. This work offers students an opportunity to embody amalgamated movement lineages and styles through the choreography of a postmodern artist, while simultaneously developing deeper understandings of ways to hear and feel classical music in their dancing bodies. Please have a look at this YouTube, first minute and a half, to get an idea of the material.

Thank you to the 57 Five College dancers who came out for the audition! Please see the casts lists BELOW. Plenty more projects auditioning this Fall!

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Fall 2024 Five College Faculty Repertory Projects

The FCD Faculty Rep projects will be auditioning on Saturday September 7 at Mount Holyoke College Kendall Sports and Dance Complex. More info to come in late August.

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UMass BFA Audition Dates

The next audition date for the UMass BFA in dance program will be December, 2024. For more info, keep your eye on the UMass Dance Admissions webpage

Cast Lists

Congratulations and thanks for your patience!

Shakia Barron Smith College Repertory 

Olivia Olson (UM)
Elsa Lyons (AC)
Colin Niska (UM)
Cailey Scholts (UM)
Nyla Clark (UM)
Josefina Ortiz (UM)
Phillipa Kargbo (SC)
Shawn Barnett (SC)
Naia Owens (SC)
Kyla Johnson (SC)
Jessie Cai (SC)
Kylie Gregory (SC)

FCD Repertory Work - Spent Days Out Yonder

AC/MHC & HC/UM Concerts Casts:

  1. Whitney Byington (HC)

  2. Krista Lawson (UM)

  3. Sam Bean (UM)

  4. May Saito (UM)

  5. Ben Versoy (UM)

  6. Molly Thomas (MHC)

AC/MHC Concert Only:

     7. Billie Bernard (UM)

     8. Kateryna Havryshchuk(AC)

     9. Kaitlyn Huang (AC)

HC/UM Concert Only: 

    10. Warren Wang (AC)

    11. Meena Relyea-Strawn (MHC)

SC Concert Cast:

1. Caitlin Canty (SC)
2. Niki Farahani (SC)
3. Kyla Johnson (SC)
4. Addie Brown (SC)
5. Sophie Biderman (SC)
6. Elsa Lyons (AC)
7. Meghan MacBeath (MHC)
8. Colin Niska (UM)
9. Cailey Scholts (UM)
10. Nyla Clark (UM)

Class Placement Lists 23-24

Ballet Placement Fall 2023

  1. Abby Frisch, UMass 2026
  2. Aika Chen, UMass 2027
  3. Anaheed Khalili, UMass 2027
  4. Annalise Kuhlmann, MHC 2025
  5. Ariel Barniv, UMass 2027
  6. Billie Bernard, UMass 2027
  7. Catharine Richards, UMass 2025
  8. Chynna Jacobs, UMass 2025
  9. Ellery Whitman, UMass 2025
  10. Grace Wieselquist, MHC 2026
  11. Hengel Yong, UMass 2027
  12. Julia Steinberg, Smith 2027
  13. Madison Farmer, UMass 2025
  14. Maxine Kamen van Westen, UMass 2027
  15. Meena Relyea-Strawn, MHC 2027
  16. Meghan Macbeath, MHC 2025
  17. Mia Frias, MHC 2027
  18. Nicolette LeBrun, UMass 2026
  19. Olivia Olsen, UMass 2025
  20. Sophie Bergfalk, UMass 2027
  21. Sophie Kahn, MHC 2027
  22. Stella Melucci, UMass 2027
  23. Vivian Eisenman, UMass 2026

Note: Students receiving placement into 300 level courses are entitled to register for those courses for their remaining time as a FCD student unless their course work is unsatisfactory. Congrats Everyone!