Past Research Associates

Since establishing its Associates Program 30 years ago, the Center has hosted over 450 researchers from more than 44 countries and 36 states across the United States.


Chanida Chitbundid
Lecturer, Thammasat University
PhD Student in Anthropology and Gender and Women's Studies
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Agents of the Postcolonial State: Women's Agency and Sexuate Knowledge in Environmental Justice in Thailand

Eir-Anne Edgar
Associate Professor of Literature in English
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Women in the Wastelands: the World-Making of Feminist Critical Dystopian Fiction

Cory Ellen Gatrall
PhD Candidate in Nursing
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
'Dynamics of Prejudice': Antiracist Nursing Education and Community Health Activism, 1968-1978

Sneha Gole
Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Understanding Feminist Subjectivities in the Times of Intersectionality: Linking Narratives, Memories, Politics

Ever E. Osorio Ruiz
PhD Candidate in American Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Yale University
Vivas: Politics and Poetics of Mexican Feminisms

Michela Rosa Di Candia
Associate Professor of Literature
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Maternal Subjectivity/ies as a Source(s) of Identities

Ruthfirst Ayande
PhD Candidate, Department of Public Health
Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Socioeconomic Inequalities of Ghana

Tiarra Cooper
PhD Candidate, German & Scandinavian Studies
Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Affective Experiences of Women Forcibly Sterilized Under the Nazi Regime, 1933-1945

Jack Jen Gieseking
Department of Environmental Studies at Mount Holyoke College
Dyke Bars*

Sneha Gole
Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Understanding Feminist Subjectivities in the Times of Intersectionality: Linking Narratives, Memories, Politics

Ever E. Osorio Ruiz
PhD Candidate in American Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Yale University
The Violet Spring: Radical Politics and Poetics of Mexican Feminisms

Kimberlee Pérez
Assistant Professor in Communications
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Mariam Rashid
Postdoctoral Fellow
Vassar College
Theorizing with the Khanga and Knowledge-Making with African Refugee Women

Urmila Seshagiri
Associate Professor in English
University of Tennessee
Three Projects in the Feminist Humanities

Silke Steinhilber
Independent Scholar
One Step Forward, Two Back: Care Neglect in COVID-19 Economic and Social Planning


Danica Anderson
Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist
Forensic Psychotherapist
Social Scientist
Balkan West Route Research

Jennifer Cannon
Social Justice Educator
Decolonizing Mindfulness Education: Toward An Embodied Liberatory Pedagogy

Nyaradzai Changamire
Independent Scholar
The School and My Health- (Re)Centering Young Women’s Voices in Peer-Led Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Education in Machakos, Kenya

Pempho Chinkondenji
PhD Student, Education Leadership And Policy: International Education Specialization
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Schoolgirl pregnancy, dropout or pushout?: The conflict of pregnancy, policy and culture on school readmission in Malawi

Jan Freeman
Poet, editor, teacher

Meltem Ince Yenilmez
Associate Professor, Yasar University, Turkey
Female Employment and Demand for Female Labor

Mary Njeri Kinyanjui
Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies
University Of Nairobi
Femicide in Kenya

Nell Lake
Phd Candidate, Department of American Studies
Brown University
Mother. Nurse. Housewife. Maid.: Gender, Race, and the Politics of Care Justice

Elizabeth Mattison
Co-Director of The Community Commons
Hampshire College
Not Your 'Happy Valley

Siobhan Meï
Teaching Faculty, College of Information And Computer Sciences
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Refashioning History: Women as Sartorial Storytellers

Emily Mitchell-Eaton
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography
Colgate University
Geographies of Postpartum Care/Work in the Neoliberal U.S. Academy

Patricia Montoya
Visiting Assistant Professor of Video And Film
Hampshire College
Launch Productions: The Independent Films of Patricia Montoya

Eve Ng
Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Media Arts And Studies
Core Faculty, Women's, Gender And Sexuality Studies
Ohio University
What Sentient AIs Realize: Science-Fiction Narratives and Critical Interrogations of Surveillance, Labor, and Political Belonging

Shailja Patel
Independent Scholar
Centering African Women in Climate Justice

Sandra Joy Russell
Visiting Assistant Professor of Gender And Women's Studies
Hollins University
Embodiment and Gendered Subjectivity in Ukrainian Women’s Film, Poetry, and Prose during Perestroika (1985-1991)

Whitney Russell
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
For the Good: Politics, Rights, and Sex Work in a North Indian Community

Katherine Side
Professor, Department of Gender Studies
Memorial University Of Newfoundland, Canada
Distributing Reforms: Meeting the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Asylum Seekers in the European Union

Anna-Claire Simpson
PhD Candidate & Geo Uaw2322 Union Representative, English Department
Amherst College
How to Do Things With Children: The Performance of Childhood and Race on the English Early Modern Stage

Shane Snowdon
Educator & Consultant
Edgework, Cambridge, MA
A Forgotten World: Second Wave Feminist Publications & Their Avid Readers

Margaret Unverzagt Goddard
PhD Candidate, American Studies
Brown University
Improper Objects: Embodied Aesthetics and the Politics of the Pelvis

Elena Yushkova
Editor and Translator
Russian State Library For Young Adults, Center For International Programs
Isadora Duncan in Russian and Soviet Culture

2019-20 Research Associates
2019-20 Research Associates

Frances Davey
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Florida Gulf Coast University
Strong and Sure as Well as Fair and Soft: Physical Education, Athletics and the Emergence of Women's Physical Activism  
Academic Year 

Michele Hardesty
Associate Professor of U.S. Literatures & Cultural Studies, Hampshire College
Writers Take Sides: U.S. Literatures and Internationalism During the Global Cold War
Academic Year

Joy Hayward-Jansen
PhD candidate, the English and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS), University of Massachusetts, Amherst in departments
Save Our Children: Queer Discourse Formation in the U.S. and South Africa
Academic Year 

Ynestra King
Independent Scholar
Barbara Deming Reconsidered: Feminism, Nonviolence, and the Politics of Intersectionality
Academic Year

Nell Lake 
PhD candidate, Department of American Studies, Brown University
Mother. Nurse. Housewife. Maid. A Moral-Political History of “Women’s Work” in America, 1920-2020
Academic Year

Patricia Montoya
Visiting Assistant Professor of Video and Film
Hampshire College
Launch Productions: The Independent Films of Patricia Montoya
Academic Year

Shailja Patel
Independent Scholar
Centering African Women in Climate Justice
Academic Year

Korka Sall
Ph.D. Candidate in English, A.B.D, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Negritude Feminisms: Francophone Black Women Writers and Activists in France, Martinique and Senegal from the 1920s to 1980s
Academic Year

Laurel Smith-Doerr
Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Automating Privilege: Reproducing Inequalities in Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Production Processes in the U.S. and Germany
Academic Year

Pamela Stone
Visiting Associate Professor of Anthropology
Hampshire College
The Anthropology of Childbirth
Academic Year

Subhalakshmi Gooptu
PhD candidate, English Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Stories Women Carry": Remapping Reproduction and Citizenship in Contemporary U.S. American Migrant Fiction
Academic Year

Mary Njeri Kinyanjui
Senior research fellow at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi
Solidarity Entrepreneurialism: The Case for Enfranchising Women Peasants, Artisans and Traders in the Global Economy
Spring Term

Whitney Russell
PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of California San Diego
For the Good: Politics, Rights, and Sex Work in a North Indian Community
Spring Term

Perry Zurn
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, American University
Queer Ecologies of Knowledge: Trans Activism and Higher Education 
Spring Term

2018-19 Associates
2018-19 Research Associates

Laura Briggs
Professor, Department of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, UMass Amherst
The Future Is Born in Small Places or, An Archive of Colonialism: Debt, Imperialism, Marronage, and Freedom in the Caribbean    
Academic Year  

Amy Cox Hall                                                                                                                        
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Amherst College                      
Cooking Up Heritage: Food, Race and Modernity in 1950s Peru                                         
Academic Year  

Frances Davey
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Florida Gulf Coast University
"Strong and Sure as Well as Fair and Soft": Physical Education, Athletics and the Roots of Women's Physical Activism                                                                                             
Academic Year 

Jen Jack Gieseking
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky
Privates: Private Space Through the Lens of Queer Feminism
Fall Term

Crystal Hayes                                                                                                                          
PhD Candidate, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut                                         
Incarcerated: A Critical Phenomenological Study of the Childbearing Experiences of Incarcerated Women of Color
Academic Year 

Charlotte Karam                                                                                                             
Associate Professor, School of Business, American University of Beirut                              
Conversations on Sexual Harassment: Multisector, Multidisciplinary Coproduction of Knowledge
Academic Year

Ynestra King                                                                                                                      
Independent Scholar                                                                                                            
Barbara Deming Reconsidered: Feminism, Nonviolence, and the Politics of Intersectionality
Academic Year

Mary Njeri Kinyanjui                                                                                                            
Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi                  
Solidarity Entrepreneurialism: The Case for Enfranchising Women Peasants, Artisands and Traders in the Global Economy
Spring Term 

Suzanne Kranz                                                                                                                        
Independent Scholar                                                                                                      
Women Manning Up: Gendered Employment in the German Democratic Republic
Academic Year

Susana Loza
Associate Professor of Critical Race, Gender, and Media Studies, Hampshire College
Settler Colonial Gothic
Academic Year

Patricia Montoya
Visiting Assistant Professor of Video, Hampshire College
Launch Productions: The Independent Films of Patricia Montoya
Academic Year

Megan Nanney
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology & Women's and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Open Gates: Inclusion Policies, Transfeminism, and Transgender Student Experiences at Gender Inclusive Women's Colleges
Spring Term

Shagufta Nasreen
Assistant Professor, Department of Women's Studies, University of Karachi
Gender and Micro-Financing: A South Asian Experience
Fall Term

Neelofer Qadir
PhD Candidate, Department of English, UMass Amherst
Afrasian Imaginaries: Global Capitalism and Labor Migration in Indian Ocean Fiction, 1990-2015
Academic Year

Chriss Sneed                                                                                                                      
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Connecticut
Queer Passages and the Assemblages of Blackness: Black Identity, Social Justice, and Decolonial Possibilities
Academic Year 

Anagha Tambe
Assistant Professor, Department of Women's Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University
"Vulgarization" of Folk Culture: Gendered Labor, Sexual Performance and Caste Stigma in Contemporary India
Academic Year

2017-18 Research Associates
2017-18 Research Associates

Amy Cox Hall
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Amherst College
Cooking Up Heritage: Food, Race and Modernity in Francisca Baylón’s Peru
Academic Year  

Julie de Chantal
Lecturer, Department of History, UMass Amherst
"Let's Take the Damn Kids to Their School": Boston's Black Mothers and the Desegregation Movement, 1920-1975
Academic Year 

Teresa Gonzales                                                                                                            Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Knox College
What Kind of New?: Leadership, (Mis)Trust, and Redevelopment in Chicago’s New Communities Program
Academic Year 

Rachel Greenspan                                                                                                          PhD, Department of Literature, Duke University
Dreaming Woman: Argentine Modernity and the Psychoanalytic Diaspora

Annie Hill                                                                                                                       Assistant Professor, Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota
This Modern-Day Slavery: Trafficking, Migration, and Law

Mary Njeri Kinyanjui                                                                                                              Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi
Positioning Women Peasants, Artisans and Traders in the New Global Economy
Academic Year 

Charlotte Kroløkke                                                                                                        Professor, Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Southern Denmark
Ice Age: Putting Fertility and Menopause on Ice
Academic Year

Patricia Montoya
Visiting Assistant Professor of Video, Hampshire College
Launch Productions: The Independent Films of Patricia Montoya
Academic Year

Loretta Ross
Independent Scholar
Dred Feminism: Selected Works of Loretta J. Ross
Academic Year

Ninette Rothmueller
PhD Candidate, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Osnabruck
Dis-placing Access: Feminist Participatory Art as a Tool for Embodied Knowledge Production
Academic Year

Lauren Silber
PhD Candidate, Department of English and American Studies, UMass Amherst
The Politics of Feeling and the Work of Belonging: The Racial Politics of Post-Cold War U.S. Immigrant Fiction
Academic Year

Verónica Zebadúa Yáñez                                                                                               
PhD Candidate, Department of Politics, New School for Social Research
On Freedom and Sovereignty: Thinking with Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir
Academic Year 

Jennifer Zenovich
PhD Candidate, Department of Communication, UMass Amherst
Properties of Postsocialist Women's Identity: A Feminist Communication Auto-Ethnography of Sexual Violence in the Former Yugoslavia

2016-17 Research Associates
2016-17 Research Associates

Diana Sierra Becerra
PhD Candidate, Department of History and Women's Studies, University of Michigan
Insurgent Butterflies: Gender Struggles and Revolution in El Salvador, 1965-2015
Academic Year  

Ashley Brown
PhD Candidate, Department of American Studies, George Washington University
The Match of Her Life: Althea Gibson, Icon and Instrument of Integration
Academic Year 

Rachel Brown
PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, City University of New York
The Emotional Politics of Migration: Migrant Domestic Work in Israel/Palestine
Academic Year 

Juana Camacho
Researcher, Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History
Peasant Embodiments: Food, Environment, and Politics in the Colombian Andes

Julie de Chantal
Lecturer, Department of History, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Let's Take the Damn Kids to Their School": Boston's Black Mothers and the Desegregation Movement, 1920-1975
Academic Year

Ruby Grant
PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of Tasmania
The Queer Sexual Citizen: Exploring Same Gender Attracted Young Women's Sexual Health in Tasmania

Rita Henley Jensen
Founder, Jane Crow Project, Founder and Editor in Chief Emerita, Women's eNews
Jane Crow/Jane Doe: How Racist Perceptions of Single Mothers Are Leverage to Reduce Support for All Single Mothers

Nancy Kates
Independent Film Producer/Director, Question Why Films
Female Pioneers of 20th Century Anthropology

Victoria Rizo Lenshyn
PhD Candidate, Department of German and Scandinavian Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst
An Ambivalent Belonging: Germans Documenting the Namibian Children from the GDR
Academic Year

Janet Marquardt
Professor Emerita, Eastern Illinois University 
The Proto-Humanitarianism of Nineteenth-Century Missionary Women in the Near East
Academic Year   

Gina Ocasion
Faculty, Bard Microcollege Holyoke
Minor Subjects in America: Everyday Childhoods of the Long Nineteenth Century
Academic Year                                                                                                     

Alix Olson
PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Resilient Conscripts: Resistance Under Neoliberalism

Ninette Rothmüller                                                                                                        
PhD Candidate/Artist Researcher, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Osnabruck, Germany 
Dis-placing Access: Feminist Participatory Art as a Tool for Embodied Knowledge
Academic Year

Gabriele Sobiech
Professor, Department of Sociology, Freiburg University of Education
Fitness and Health in Times of Demographic Change: Intersectional Analysis of the "Self-Techniques" of Older Women 

Helena Tolvhed
Associate Professor, Department of History, Stockholm University
From People's Health to "Healthism"? New Femininities and Masculinities in Health and Fitness from 1970

Verónica Zebadúa Yáñez                                                                                               
PhD Candidate, Department of Politics, New School for Social Research
The Project of Freedom: Thinking with Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir
Academic Year

2015-16 Research Associates
2015-16 Research Associates 
2015-16 Research Associates
2015-16 Research Associates 

Sonja Dolinsek
PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Erfurt, Germany
Traffic in Women, Slavery, Sex Work: The Transnational Politics of Sexual Labor in the Second Half of the 20th Century  

Kara Fagan
PhD Candidate, Department of American Studies, University of Iowa 
Framing Sport as Art: The Spectacle of Female Athleticism in Classic Hollywood, 1935-1955
Academic Year 

Kia Hall
Independent Researcher
Launching a Transnational Black Feminist Research Agenda
Academic Year 

Victoria Rizo Lenshyn
PhD Candidate, Department of German and Scandinavian Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bridging Contradictions: Socialist Actresses and Star Culture in the GDR
Academic Year

Janet Marquardt
Professor Emerita, Eastern Illinois University 
Letters, Photographs, and Artifacts from Uncommon Women in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Academic Year   

Sasha Mullally
Associate Professor, Department of History, University of New Brunswick 
Homespun Medicine: The Life and Practice of Mary Phylinda Dole, 1896-1941

Johanna Ortner
PhD Candidate, Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
"Whatever Concerns Them, as a Race, Concerns Me": The Life and Activism of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Academic Year

Loretta Ross
Independent Researcher
Black Abortion: Research Serving Activism 
Academic Year

Ninette RothmüllerPhD Candidate/Artist Researcher, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Osnabruck, Germany 
Art and Science: Embodied Processes and Theoretical Considerations on a Relationship in Tension 
Academic Year

Jeanine Ruhsam 
PhD Candidate, Department of American Studies, Pennsylvania State Univeristy, Harrisburg
The Great Maine Bathroom Case: Gender Identity and the Policing of Sex-Segregated Spaces 
Academic Year

Kaiqiong Wei
Director, Professor, Department of Women's Studies, China Women's University 
The Rise of Precarity: Neo-Liberalism's Impact on Post-Socialism Chinese Women's Lives 

2014-15 Research Associates
2014-15 Research Associates 

Lara Matta
Department of Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
A Touch of Stone: Reading Surfaces in Bassam Hajjar's Poetry and Other Explorations
Academic Year 

Sujata Moorti
Department of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Middlebury College
iFeminism: Social Media and Activist Re-Imaginings

Stephanie Rosen
Department of English, University of Texas, Austin
Animating Poetic Capacity: Victorian Verse in New Media
Academic Year 

Loretta Ross
Independent Researcher 
Black Abortion: Research Serving Activism
Academic Year                                                                                                                             

Kerry Spitzer
Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Role of Housing and Gender in the Transition from the Military to a Community in Western Massachusetts
Academic Year  

Marilen Danguilan
Independent Researcher and Development Specialist
From Population Control to Rights: The 40-Year Struggle of the Reproductive Health Law

Fall 2013 Research Associates
Fall 2013 Research Associates
spring 2014 research associates
Spring 2014 Research Associates

Clara Bradbury-Rance
Department of English and American Studies, University of Manchester, United Kingdom 
The Queer Lesbian Spaces of Postfeminist Cinema 

Valentina Cardo
Department of Film, Television and Media Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Gendering Political Communication? The 2012 US Presidential Election

Ani Maitra
Hampshire College
Towards a Dereification of Desire: The Cosmopolitics of Global Queer

Lara Matta
Department of Comparative LiteratureUMass Amherst
How Literal Is This Reading? Contemporary Women Book Artists on the Reading Experience 
Academic Year

Noa Milman
Department of Sociology, Mount Holyoke College
Globalization and Local Resistance in the Media: Welfare Rights Discourses in Israel and Massachusetts
Academic Year 

Meredith Nash
Department of Sociology, University of Tasmania, Australia 
Remembering Mothers: Family Photography and Cultural Memory 

Eva Paris-Huesca
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UMass Amherst  
Noir Genre and Detective Fiction by Contemporary Spanish Female Authors: From 1990 to the Present 
Academic Year

Annina Rüst
Department of Transmedia, Syracuse University
Feminist Technology

Nermeen Sayed Kassem
Department of Communication Studies, University of York, United Kingdom
Bridging Social Capital in a Hostile Environment: Social Media Potential for Empowering Egyptian Women

Katherine Sender
Department of Film, Television and Media Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Lust in Translation: Sex Museums and Transnational Flows of Erotic Discourse

Fall 2012 Research Associates
Fall 2012 Research Associates

Suzon Fuks
Founder & Artistic Director, Waterwheel & Igneous, Inc., Brisbane, Australia
Waterwheel & Gender

Salome M. Kahiu
Independent Communications Consultant, Nairobi, Kenya
Perfectly Transparent: Will the Promise of a “Perfect” World Render Us the Definitive Vessels for Surveillance?
Academic Year

Fungai Machirori
Founder and Editor, Her Zimbabwe
Her Zimbabwe: Exploring the Heterogeneity of the Female Zimbabwean Experience Through a Women's New Media Platform

Disha Mullick
Project Coordinator, Nirantar – A Centre for Gender and Education, New Delhi, India
Feminist Explorations into New Media in Rural India

Dr. Eve C. Ng
University of Massachusetts Amherst (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies)
The Transnational Contexts of LGBT Digital Media Production and Consumption
Academic Year

Ninette Rothmueller
Alumna Associate
The Heartbeat of a Machine and I

Dr. Julie Russo
Brown University (Modern Culture and Media)
Indiscrete Media: Queer Economics of Convergence
Academic Year

Dr. Maria San Filippo
Harvard University (Women, Gender, & Sexuality), Wellesley College (Cinema and Media Studies), and MIT (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
New Media and Women’s Film Communities
Academic Year

Sophie Toupin
Independent Researcher and Community Media Activist
F(e)m-Resistance: Reshaping Identities, Narratives and Collective Actions in a Time of New Media
Academic Year 

Fall 2011 Research Associates
Fall 2011 Research Associates

Anwar H. Alkhalldy
Free University Berlin, Germany (Political Science)
Shi’i Islamism and Gender in Iraq

Jennifer A. Cayer
Amherst College (Copeland Fellow)
Embodied Ethnographies: Feminist Theatre Encounters Anthropology
Academic Year

Abigail A. Dallman
University of Massachusetts Amherst (Legal Studies)
Courting Property: Women, Marriage and the Meaning of Possession
Academic Year

Onni L. Gust
University of East London, United Kingdom (History)
Between Home and Empire: The Performance and Production of Early Nineteenth-Century Concepts of Civilization
Academic Year

Sumiao Li
New York Institute of Technology, China (English)
Behind Black Gates: Memoirs of Ya Ya

Gretchen E. Lopez
Syracuse University (Education)
Dialogue Matters: Listening to and Learning from College and High School Students

Hye Gyong Park
Korean Women’s Institute, South Korea (Women’s Studies)
Commercialization of Intimacy and Feminist Questions of Care
Academic Year

Elizabeth M. Sharpe
Independent Scholar
Conversations Across Time: Women Reflect on Aging, Obligation and Care-giving, 1800-2010
Academic Year

Kim E. Toffoletti
Deakin University, Australia (Sociology and Gender Studies)
Imagining the Female Sports Fan in a Post-feminist Visual Economy

Stefanie E. Van de Peer
University of Stirling, United Kingdom (Languages, Cultures and Religions)
Transnational Feminisms in Lebanese and Syrian Women’s Documentaries


Benita Blessing
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, German Studies
Women and Science in East German Children’s and Youth Films: Feminine Feminists

Japonica Brown-Saracino
Boston University, Sociology
Pride of Place: The Origins and Implications of Queer Women’s Migration to Four U.S. Towns

Lindsey Churchill
Florida State University, History
Imagining the Tupamaros: Resistance and Gender in Uruguayan and U.S. Revolutionary Movements, 1960s-1980

Karin Ekström
University of Gothenburg, Global Studies
An Anthropological Study of Gender and Cultural Change in Contemporary Urban Spain

Megan Elias
Queensborough Community College (CUNY), History
Taste of the Nation: American Cookbooks and Culture, 1865-2000

Jennifer Hamilton
Hampshire College, Legal Studies
Frozen Moments: Ethics, Genetics and the Gendering of Biological Materials

Jill Irvine
The University of Oklahoma, Women's and Gender Studies
Women, War and Political Transformation in the Balkans

Ceyda Kuloğlu-Karsli​​​​​​
Middle East Technical University
Women’s Experiences in Internal Displacement: A Case of the Current Armed Conflict in Turkey

Hyun Joo Lee​​​​​​​
Contemporary Scenes: Asian American Performance

Christian McEwen​
Legal Tender: Women and the Secret Life of Money

Amy Mittelman​​​​​​​
Dames, Dishes and Degrees: Women and Men in Academic Communities, 1890-2009

Lilach Naishtat​​​​​​​
Tel Aviv University, Cultural Studies
Stories of Reading: Women’s Reading Groups Expanding the Limits of Literary Interpretation​​​​​​​

Glenda Nieto-Cuebas
Ohio-Wesleyan University, Spanish
The Witch’s Performance: Women, Spectacle and Society in Spanish Golden Age Theatre​​​​​​​

Minna Nikunen
University of Tampere, Social Research
Precarious Work at the Academy: Gender and Work/Family Balance​​​​​​​

Jaclyn Pryor
Hampshire College, Theater & Queer Studies
Deep Time: Historical Materialism in Contemporary American Performance Practices​​​​​​​


Nada Ali
The New School of Social Research
The Discourses and Practices of the Sudanese Opposition in Exile (1989-2000): A Gender Perspective

Meredith Cherland
University of Regina, Education
Harry Potter and the Discourses of Gender: Teaching Critical Thinking

Mary Ellen Cohane
Massachusetts College of the Liberal Arts, English & Communications
Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Addams and the World Economic Conference of 1933

Lynda Day
Brooklyn College, Africana Studies
Gender, Marginality and Power: The Women Chiefs of Sierra Leone, 1885-2005

Giovanna Di Chiro
Siena College, Environmental Studies
Raíces Latina en Movimiento: Women’s Urban Environmental Activism in Latino New England 

Ruth Glynn
University of Bristol, Italian
Women, Terror and Trauma in Italian Culture

Eleanor Jaffe
University at Albany, Social Work
Gender, Family and Consumer-Oriented Outcomes in a Supported Housing Program

Jacquelyne Luce
Zeppelin University, Cultural Studies
Gender and Generation: Technologies of Knowing/Practices of Caring

Caroline Merithew
University of Dayton, History
Finding Katie DeRorre: An Immigrant Transnational and Her American Century

Quinlan Mitchell
Radio, Television and Film
Camp TV: Commercial Counterpublics and the Cultural Production of Queer Gender

Mena Mitrano
Sapienza University, English
Susan Sontag and the Public Woman of Letters

Ijeoma Odoh
Federal University of Technology, Owerri, General Studies
Media Discourse on Kidnapping in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Elizabeth Presa
University of Melbourne, Art
Mysticism and Sculpture: Forming the Interior Castle of St. Teresa of Avila

Marla Solomon​​​​​​​
SIT Graduate Institute, Education
Stories of Women’s Leadership​​​​​​​

Janet Wirth-Cauchon​​​​​​​
Drake University, Sociology
Feminist Theories of Embodiment and Technology

Jessica Delgado
Princeton University, Theology & History
Sacred Practice, Intimate Power: Laywomen and the Church in Colonial Mexico

Darcy Donahue
University of Miami, Spanish & Portuguese 
Adventures in Iberia: American Women Travelers in Spain, 1875-1900

Lillian Dunning
UC San Diego, English
From Liminal to Limelight: Women Writers of Color and the Contemporary British Novel

Babette Faehmel
Schenectady County Community College, History
Beyond the Bell Jar: College Women, Sexuality and Identity, 1940-1965

Fatemeh Haghighatjoo
UMass Boston, Women's Studies
State Feminism in Iran

Yafei Hou
Beijing Administrative College, Sociology
The Desire and Behavior of Childbearing Urban Women in Beijing

Milena Marchesi
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Anthropology
Contested Subjects: The Politics of Integration, Reproduction and the Family in Contemporary Italy

Tabitha Mulyampiti
Makerere University, Women and Gender Studies
Towards the Effective Participation of Women in a Multi-Party Democracy

Mojubaolu Okome
Brooklyn College, Political Science
Gender, Power and Religion: Women’s Leadership in the Aladura Church in West Africa and the United States​​​​​​​

Beena Rani
Maharajas College, Philosophy 
Women’s Life after Divorce: A Comparative Study of Massachusetts and Indian Laws

Carlyn Saltman​​​​​​​
Your Story Matters, Filmmaking
Video Playback Counseling: Its Effectiveness for Women of Different Ages and Backgrounds​​​​​​​

Carolyn Shread
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, French
Exploring Catherine Malabou's Concept of Plasticity in Translation Studies​​​​​​​

Marilyn Smith
Five Colleges Inc
Jane Ellen Harrison: A Classical Life and All Things Russian​​​​​​​

Tonia St. Germain​​​​​​​
Eastern Oregon University, Gender Studies
Rape as a War Crime: Judges, Prosecutors and Activists Who Made Law​​​​​​​

Gulay Toksoz​​​​​​​
University of Ankara, Political Science
Female Labor in a Global Context​​​​​​​

Nela Trifkovic​​​​​​​
University of Melbourne, Music & Performance Studies
Nine Lives of a Cat

Henrice Altink
The University of York, History
The Struggle to Define Jamaican Womanhood: 1865-1938

Susan Bandy
Ohio State University, Sports Studies
Body Language in American Women’s Literature of the Late 19th Century

Elizabeth Cahn
“WSPA While You Work:” The Women’s School of Planning and Architecture, 1975-1981

Manjula Cherkil
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Disadvantaged Women Workers in the Unorganized Sector in Bangalore, India: A Socio-Economic Study

Encarnación Gutiérrez-Rodriguez
University of Manchester, Transcultural Studies
Care and Domestic Workers’ Rights and Citizenship – On Precariousness, Transnational Migration and Gender

Lynn Hatch
US Coast Guard Academy, Economics
Another Cost of Women’s Caring: Teaching in the Child-care Industry​​​​​​​

Heidi Holder
Central Michigan University, English
Women's Roles, Urban Spaces: Female Authorship, Characterization and Performance in the Victorian Theatre

Gyoung Sun Jang​​​​​​​
Clark University, Women's Studies
Politics of De/gendering in Transnational Anti-Sex Trafficking Discourses​​​​​​​

Sarah Marusek​​​​​​​
University of Hawaii, Political Science
Politics of the Parking Space: Rights, Identity and Property

Sandra McEvoy​​​​​​​
Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, University of Massachusetts Boston
Protestant Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland: Women’s Untold Stories​​​​​​​

Marion Rowenkamp
University of Munich, History
Marie Munk: A Life Between Law and Women's Movement

Nora Strejilevich​​​​​​​
Women and Healing After Genocide: The Argentine Model​​​​​​​

Dubravka Zarkov
AIDS, Security & Conflict Research Hub
Globalizing Gender? Militarism, ‘New Wars’ and the Global Economy​​​​​​​

Hanife Aliefendioğlu
Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
Gender and Ethnicity in the Discourse of the Northern Cyprus Media

Marie Ashe
Suffolk University Law School
Toward a Gendered Religious Pluralism

Dorothy Chansky
Texas Tech University, Theater History
Kitchen Sink Realisms: Drama, Dining and Domestic Labor in Twentieth-Century American Theatre

Neloufer de Mel
Yale University, English
Militarism, Culture and the Media: Issues of Representation, Gender, Performance and Security

Lisa Fontes
UMass Amherst; University Without Walls
Young Teen Girls and Older Men: Problems & Solutions in the Multicultural United States​​​​​​​

Mary Anna Ham​​​​​​​
UMass Boston, Ethics & Counseling
The Development of Self-Empathy in Multiracial Women

Hikari Hori​​​​​​​
Columbia University, Visual Culture
Gender and the Nation State: War, Women and Representation in Japan, 1931-1945​​​​​​​

Elizabeth Hynes​​​​​​​
QA3 Gallery
Theory, Art and Subjectivity​​​​​​​

Ksanna Mazhurina​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Global Student Laboratory​​​​​​​, Asian and African Studies
The Quest for Selfhood: Contemporary Russian and Chinese Women Writers

Kristine Newhall​​​​​​​
University of Iowa, Women's Studies
Feminist Activism in Sport, 1850-1950​​​​​​​

Caroline Nichols​​​​​​​
Randolph-Macon College​​​​​​​, American Studies
Celebrity and the National Body: Encounters with the Exotic in Late Nineteenth Century America​​​​​​​

Karen Remmler
Mount Holyoke College, German Studies
(Im)proper Burial and the Grounding of Cultural Memory: A Transcultural Study

Sarah Sexton​​​​​​​
The Corner House
Gender and Genetics – Where Next for Feminism?

Sinith Sittirak​​​​​​​
Thammasat University, Journalism
A Feminist Critique of the Politics of Knowledge in the Thai Women’s Movement​​​​​​​

Jacquelyn Smith-Crooks​​​​​​​
An Intergenerational Approach to Healing: African American Women Healing through Sharing​​​​​​​

Kiran Asher
UMass Amherst, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Beyond Victims and Guardian Angels: Third World Women, Gender and the Environment​​​​​​

Gurminder Bhambra
The University of Warwick, Sociology
Dangerous Particularisms: Challenging Social Theory in the Emerging World

Deidre Butler
Union College, Sociology
Othermothering in Motion: Parenting Styles of African American Stepmothers

Karen M. Cardozo
University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Commonwealth College, English
Trauma's Palimpsests: Contemporary US American Narrative Cycles

Jacqueline Castledine
University of Massachusetts, Amherst; University Without Walls
Gendering the Cold War: Race, Class and Women's Peace Politics, 1945-1980

Elizabeth Currans
Eastern Michigan University, Women's Studies
Imagining Women: Community, Belief and Whiteness in Gendered Public Protest

Coralynn Davis​​​​​​​
Bucknell University, Gender Studies
The Story Went into the Forest, the Thoughts into One's Own Mind: Self, Society and the Sacred in Maithil Women's Narrative Practices​​​​​​​

Alicia Grullon​​​​​​​
SUNY New Paltz, Fine Arts
Sacrifices: Women and Racism​​​​​​​

Christina Hanhardt
University of Maryland, American Studies
Safe Space: Sexual Minorities, Uneven Urban Development, and the Politics of Violence​​​​​​​

Helen Johnson
The University of Queensland, Anthropology
Flowers of the Coconut: Women's Stories from New Caledonia​​​​​​​

Leyla Keough​​​​​​​
College of the Holy Cross, Anthropology 
Driven Women: A Transnational Ethnography of Illegal Migrant Domestic Workers in the Margins of Postsocialist Europe

Patricia Lambert
The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
Human Rights, Women and Tobacco Control 

Patricia Meltzer​​​​​​​
Temple University, Women's Studies
The Gender of Political Violence: Women in Radical Left Political Groups in Germany and the US in the 1970s​​​​​​​

Maliha Safri​​​​​​​
Drew University, Economics
The Global Household​​​​​​​

Mary Strunk​​​​​​​
Syracuse University, English
Secretions and Lies: Hormones, Body Languages, Biopolitics​​​​​​​

Hisayo Ushioda​​​​​​​
Keio University, English
Take Her Voice Back: Hannah Adams and Unitarian Controversy​​​​​​​

Ara Wilson
Duke University, Women's Studies
A Transnational Study of Sexual Rights

Nora Amin
La Musica
Topics in Performance

Danielle Bessett
University of Cincinnati, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, Sociology
Defining the “Normal Pregnancy:” Knowledge and Experience in Stratified Reproduction

Sarah Doyle
Body Measurement, Physical Education and Posture at New England Colleges, 1861-1940

Stephanie Gilmore
Dickinson College, Women's and Gender Studies & History
Rethinking the Liberal/Radical Divide: The National Organization for Women in Memphis, Columbus and San Francisco

Anissa Helie
John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY, History
European Women Teachers in Colonial Algeria: Agents of Emancipation or Wheels of Colonial Power? 1874-1949

Janice Jipson
National Louis University, Education & Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth Peabody and the Emergence of the American Kindergarten

Lucinda Kidder​​​​​​​
Roosevelt University, Economics
What can the History of Feminist Economic Thought teach us about Social Science Methodology?​​​​​​​

Tobe Levin von Gleichen
University of Maryland Europe​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, English
A Translation of Nura Abdi’s Memoir, Traenen im Sand (Desert Tears)​​​​​​​

Ann Meeropol​​​​​​​
A Cold Wind: The Defeat of Female Leadership at Mount Holyoke College, 1931-1937

Dorit Naaman​​​​​​​
Queen's University, Film Studies
Angels, Monsters, Heroes: The Visual Representation of Palestinian and Israeli Women Fighters​​​​​​​

Josna Rege
Independent Scholar, Amherst Massachusetts, English
Toward a Rooted Cosmopolitics: Cultural Production by South Asian Women

Janet Sayers​​​​​​​
University of Kent​​​​​,​​ Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
Women, Empathy and Psychoanalysis​​​​​​​

Jewel Smith​​​​​​​
University of Cincinnati, Music & History

Kim Surkan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gender Studies
Female Masculinity Then and Now: Transgendered Students at Women’s Colleges​​​​​​​

Anne Thalheimer​​​​​​​
Gender, Violence and Heteroideology in Modern Lesbian Comix

Carol Bailey
Amherst College, English & Black Studies
Word Warriors: Female Resistance via Electronic Technology

Isabelle Barker
Bryn Mawr College, Political Science
Theorizing Citizenship in an Era of Privatization

Odine de Guzman
University of Phillipines, English
Overseas Filipina Labor Migrants and the Regulation of Sexuality

Simone Davis
Long Island University, English
A Scurrilous, Vicious and Libelous Book

Amy Dryansky
Hampshire College, English
The Dark Woods: Motherhood, Poetry and the Struggle to Speak

Kristin Du Mez
Calvin College, History
Reimagining Morality: Protestant Women and the Reshaping of Sexuality and Theology, 1900-1935

Cheryl Fish
Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY, English
Environmental Justice Made Manifest: Ruth L. Ozeki’s My Year of Meats and Ideologies of Race, Gender and Health in Literary Contexts

Anne Hendrixson​​​​​​​
Beyond Hype: Toward Justice for Young People​​​​​​​

Amina Jamal​​​​​​​
Ryerson University, Sociology & Education
Appropriations of Islam and Modernity in the Practices of Jamaat-I-Islami Women in Pakistan

Claudia Leeb
Roanoke College, Political Philosophy
Toward a New Theory of Social Justice: Exposing the Symbolic Violence of Class and Gender Injustice

Marie Lovrod​​​​​​​
University of Seskatchewan​​​​​​​, ICCC (WGst.) & English
Literary Survivors: Issues in the Representation of Child Sexual Abuse​​​​​​​

Lisa McLoughlin​​​​​​​
Woman Engineering Student Survival Guide Handbook

Karen Rowe
University of California, English
Readings from Nineteenth Century American Women Writers

Ariel Salleh​​​​​​​
University of Sydney​​​​​​​, Social Ecology
Globalization, Gene Technology and Cultural Resistance

Chanda Shah​​​​​​​
Parliament of Nepal
Former member, Parliament of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal Rehabilitation of Insurgency Affected Women and Children​​​​​​​

Sally Steindorf​​​​​​​
Principia College, Sociology
Television and Local Lives in Rural Rajasthan​​​​​​​

Susanne Zwingel​​​​​​​
Florida International University, Politics & International Relations
How do International Women’s Rights become Effective Domestic Norms?​​​​​​​

Alia Arasoughly
Palestinian and Lebanese Women Filmmakers and War

Lynn Comella
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Communications
Selling Pleasure: Sex, Gender and the Good Vibrations Model of Sexual Retail

Kalyani Menon​​​​​​​
Syracuse University​​​​​​​, Religious Conflict, Gender and Nationalism
Dissonant Subjects: Women in the Hindu Nationalism Movement in India​​​​​​​

Ilana Nash​​​​​​​
Western Michigan University, Gender Studies
America’s Kid Sister: Teenage Girls and Popular Culture, 1930-1965

Isis Nusair​​​​​​​
Denison University, Women's Studies
A Comparative Analysis of the Socio-Political Experiences of Three Generations of Palestinian Women Citizens of Israel, 1948-1998​​​​​​​

Lori Lobenstine, Jessica Castro, Yasmin Pereira, Daisy Jimenez, Jenny Whitley
Girls, Inc
Doing Our Own Research: Mother and Daughter Dialogues on Dating Then and Now

Natasha Pravaz​​​​​​​
Wilfrid Laurier University, Anthropology
Performing Hybridity: Mulatas in the Land of Carnival​​​​​​​

Elif Shafak
Middle East Technical University, Turkey​​​​​​​, Political Science
Belated Modernity and Its Venerated and Condemned Stereotypes of Women​​​​​​​

Maureen Shanahan​​​​​​​
James Madison University, Art History
Fernand Leger’s Fragmented Figures: Hysterical Men and Abject Objects​​​​​​​

Nan Wiegersma​​​​​​​
Fitchburg State College, Economics
Women and Consumerism​​​​​​​

Sarah Willburn​​​​​​​
University of North Carolina, English
Seeing the Invisible: Spirit Photography and Victorian Vision​​​​​​​

Barbara Woshinsky​​​​​​​
University of Miami, French
Enclosures for Femininity: Conventual Spaces and Early Modern French Literature​​​​​​​

Christine Benvenuto
Freelance Writer
Shiksa: The Gentile Woman in the Jewish World

Susan Buchholz
Discovering Emily Warren Roebling and the Role of Women in Engineering in the Late Nineteenth Century​​​​​​​

Alev Çinar​​​​​​​
Bilkent University​​​​​​​, Political Science
Forging Images of Women, Building a Nation: From Islam to Secularism in Turkey​​​​​​​

Meghan Cope
The University of Vermont, Geography
Flexible Welfare: Local Social Service Organizations and the Regulation of Poor Women’s Lives​​​​​​​

Joan DelPlato​​​​​​​
Bard College at Simon's Rock, Art History
Jacob Lawrence’s “Harriet Tubman” Series c. 1939: Representing an African-American Heroine​​​​​​​

Katalin Fabian​​​​​​​
Lafayette College, Political Science
Politics across the Public-Private Divide: Successes and Failures in Democratizing East and Central Europe​​​​​​​

Alison Hayford​​​​​​​
University of Regina, Sociology & Geography
Pedagogy, Community, Authorit y and Audience: Women’s Studies as Social Practice​​​​​​​

Katherine Ann Kruckemeyer​​​​​​​
George Washington University, Gender Studies
More than Just a Pretty Face: Feminism, Race and Popular Culture for Girls, 1955-1999​​​​​​​

Robin Maltz​​​​​​​
Recovery and Resistance: Childhood Sexual Trauma, Therapeutic Feminism and Performance

Patricia McFadden​​​​​​​
Southern African Regional Institute for Policy Studies
The Intersection of the African Women’s Movement, Nationalism and the State in Africa​​​​​​​

Terri Meigs​​​​​​​
Resource Center for Independent Living
Single Women Caregivers of Children with Disabilities​​​​​​​

Bettina Musiolek​​​​​​​
Globalisation, Women’s Work and Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study: Garment Industry in Central and South-East Europe​​​​​​​

Marianne Notko​​​​​​​
University of Jyväskylä, Sociology
Power and Violence in Family Relations​​​​​​​

Benjamin Odhoji​​​​​​​
Kenyatta University​​​​​​​, Comparative Literature
Homelessness at Home: African-American and Francophone West African Women’s Autobiographical Writing​​​​​​​

Elizabeth Pallitto​​​​​​​
Faith University​​​​​​​, Comparative Literature
Laura’s Laurels: Rereadings of Platonism and Petrarchism in the work of Tullia d’Aragona​​​​​​​

Jennifer Patico​​​​​​​
Georgia State University, Anthropology
“Cultured” Consumption and Gender in Post-Soviet Transformations​​​​​​​

Eva Sartori​​​​​​​
An Anthology of French Jewish Women Writers in Translation​​​​​​​

Mathilde Schmitt​​​​​​​
Humboldt University of Berlin, Sociology
The Condition of Foreign Migrants in Rural Areas: A Gender Perspective​​​​​​​


Olena Bakhareva
Kharkiv National University, English & Linguistics
Discursive Strategies of Performing Femininity in American and Ukrainian Cultures

Janet Chawla
MATRIKA, Health Education
Building Bridges Between Ethno-medicine and Bio-medicine in India

Lillian Corti
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Comparative Literature, African Studies & Psychoanalytic Theory
Interracial Medeas: 20th Century Treatments of an Ancient Myth

Michelle Dupuis
Springfield Science Museum
Scientists of the Future: The History and Future of Women in Science​​​​​​​

Jayme Hannay​​​​​​​
Sisters of Providence Health System
Book Groups Then and Now: Support for Women at Risk​​​​​​​

Nadra Hashim
Jindal School of International Affairs
The Viability of Micro-Finance Projects for Refugee Women​​​​​​​

Nafisa Hoodbhoy
Voice of America
Regulation of Sexuality and Identity in Pakistani Women​​​​​​​

Melissa Johnson​​​​​​​
Illinois State University, Art History
Visions of Weimar Culture in the Scrapbook of Hannah Hoch​​​​​​​

Kathleen Laughlin​​​​​​​
Metropolitan State University, History
White-Gloved Sisterhood: The Politics of Women’s Clubs, 1945-1970​​​​​​​

Margaret (Peggy) Maisel​​​​​​​
Florida State University, Law
Improving Access to Justice for Women in South Africa​​​​​​​

Jennifer Rycenga
San Jose State University, Comparative Religious Studies
A Life of Opposition: Prudence Crandall, Women’s Minds, and Religious Choice in the 19th Century

Loretta Stec
San Francisco State University, English
Interwar Journalism and Liberal Feminism​​​​​​​

Carol Wayne White
Bucknell University, Philosophy & Religion
Constructions of Nature: Revitalizing the Legacy of Anne Conway​​​​​​​

Bonnie Winfield​​​​​​​
Lafayette College, Education & Development
Witnessing Sacred Space: Women’s Stories from a Pilgrimage to Retrace the Middle Passage of Slavery

Yumiko Yamamoto​​​​​​​
University of Utah, Economics
A Gender Perspective on Trade Expansion, Employment and Wages in Japan​​​​​​​

Chantal Zabus​​​​​​​
University of Paris 13, Comparative Literature
Between Rites and Rights: Excision in Women’s Postcolonial Experiential Texts​​​​​​​

Mary King Austin
Town of Mt. Washington​​​​
​​​Elaine Goodale Eastman: A Biography

Anita Dahlberg
Law as Mirror and Creator of Gender: Equal Opportunities in Labour Life

Debra Herman
Education for a Woman’s Life: The Vassar Experiment, 1861-1969

Hilary Hinds
Lancaster University, English Literature
Imaging Feminism: The Cultural Politics of Representing Gender in the British Press (with Jackie Stacey)

Anne Kornblatt
Fort River Elementary School, Education
How Will Boys Be Boys? Portraits of Aggression in Play

Harriet Lutzky​​​​​​​
University of Paris, Psychology
The Sacred and the Early Relation to the Mother

Amanda Mitchell
University of Central Lancashire, German Literature
The Myth of the “Female Democrat”: Exploring the Gendered Subject of German Right-Wing Politics

Lisa Lynelle Moore
Boston University, Social Work
The Impact of Violence on African-American Mother-Daughter Relationships

Jessica Nelson
Amherst Shelter for Adolescents
Adolescent Girls and Power​​​​​​​

Rupal Oza​​​​​​​
Hunter College, CUNY, Geography
Contentious Bodies: Globalization, Sexuality and the Politics of Culture in India​​​​​​​

Hilary Sloin​​​​​​​
Imaging Feminism: The Cultural Politics of Representing Gender in the British Press (with Hilary Hinds)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Kimberly V. Adams
Elizabethtown College, English
Anna Jameson, the Grimké Sisters, and Anglo-American Feminist Contacts

Natalie Bennett
DePaul University, Sociology & Women's Studies
Narratives of Success: Attributes of Race-Ethnicity, Gender and Work among Afro-Caribbean, Immigrant Women

Carole DeSanti
Penguin Putnam/Viking
A Novel: The Logic of Passion

Sima Fahid
UMass Amherst, History
The Intersection of Gender, Ethnicity and Sexuality: The Rise of the State and the Question of "Alterity" in Iran

Joyce Follet
Smith College, History
Reforming the State: Gender and Community in the Midwest, 1835-1921​​​​​​​

Magdalena Gómez​​​​​​​
Teatro Vida
You Don't Look It: The Impact of Media Stereotypes on "White Looking" Latinas

Jennifer Heuer
UMass Amherst, History
Families, Foreigners and Citizens: Contradictions of National Citizenship in France, 1789-1830​​​​​​​

Päivi Korvajärvi
University of Tampere, Women's Studies
Gendering Dynamics in White-Collar Work Organizations​​​​​​​

Helen Moffett​​​​​​​
Rewriting the Rossettis: A Study in Cross-gendered Sibling Rivalry and the Poetics of Dissidence​​​​​​​

Felicity Pool​​​​​​​
Parenting and Intimate Relationships Among American Women​​​​​​​

Catherine Parsons Smith​​​​​​​
University of Nevada, Musicology
Feminism and Modernism in American Music, 1880-1950: Sources, Contexts, Alternatives​​​​​​​

Kaymarion Raymond
A Collaborative History: Feminists and Lesbians in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts

Meredith A. Wood​​​​​​​
Re/Sisters in Crime: Politics and Sexuality in Lesbian Detective Fiction​​​​​​​

Kathleen Zane​​​​​​​
Windward Community College, English
Engendering Girls in Japanese Popular Culture​​​​​​​

Tina Achcar-Naccache
The Effects of Confinement on Domestic Workers

Shuma Chakravarty
Resource Center for Ecology, Compassion, and Culture
Ethics of Identity—Maintaining a Balance Between Individual Accomplishment and Societal Mores

Carol Cohn
UMass Boston, Women's Studies
American National Security Thinking After the Cold War: Language, Gender and Institutional Culture

Heidi Creamer
Feminist Boards of Directors: Strategies for Achieving Multicultural Leadership for Social Change

Margaret Ewing
Oklahoma State University, Zoology
Sustaining Women in Science: Ann Haven Morgan at Mount Holyoke College

Lakshmi Goparaju
Georgetown University, Medicine & Anthropology
Gender and Sexuality in India: Implications for AIDS Spread​​​​​​​

Laura Hendrickson​​​​​​​
Gender, Music, and the Decorative in Nineteenth-Century British Avant-Gardism: Woman as Modernist Artist and "Sign"​​​​​​​

Adetoun Ilumoka​​​​​​​
The University of Western Ontario, Women's Studies
Critical Perspectives on Law, Human Rights, and Gender in Nigeria/Africa​​​​​​​

Constance Johnson
Community Services Institute; Sprinfield College, Social Work
African-American Females and Gender Dysphoria​​​​​​​

Patricia Larson Kalayjian
California State University, English
Writing/Righting America: The Fiction of Catherine Maria Sedgwick

Yamila Azize-Vargas
University of Puerto Rico, Public Health
Abortion in Puerto Rico and Chile: Extreme Legalities, Close Realities

Leslie Bender
Syracuse University College of Law, Law & Women's Studies
Legal Challenges to Social Injustice: How Women Can Use Tort Law to Continue Feminist Struggle

Hyoung Cho
Korea Foundation for Women; Ewha Woman's University
Women's Power and Sex/Gender Politics in Domestic and Public Spheres (with Special Reference to Korea)

Susan Clarke
Quinnipiac University, Education
Mid-life Women High School Teachers: Models of Transition for Adolescent Students

Katharina Gerstenberger
University of Cincinnati, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, German; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
...but I wanted to write an honest book... Autobiographies by German-Speaking Women

Judith C. Harper
Franklin County Technical School, Family Therapy
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Teen Parents in Rural Communities

Louise (Lucy) W. Knight
The Civil Self: A Biography of Jane Addams

Sylvia Marcos
Center for Psychoethnological Research in Cuernavaca, Anthropology
Muted Voices: Contributions of Indigenous Medical Practices to Health in Latin America

Sandra Matthews
Hampshire College, Film and Photography
Pregnant Pictures: The Work of Women in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction​​​​​​​

Aorewa McLeod
The University of Aukland, English
Silenced Narratives: Why New Zealand Women Stopped Writing​​​​​​​

Linda Lucia Meccouri​​​​​​​
Holyoke Community College, Distance Education
Making It: Resilient Women Overcoming Adversity​​​​​​​

Tanagra Melgarejo-Rivera​​​​​​​
Social Thought & Political Economy
Latinas in Their Own Voices: Living with Housing Segregation in the Pioneer Valley

Karen O'Meara Pullen
Westside School, Education
Gender Equity Network: Creating Advocacy for the Education of Young Women​​​​​​​

Deborah L. Owen​​​​​​​
Old New England in the Age of Literary Reproduction​​​​​​​

Laura Elise Schwendinger​​​​​​​
University of Wisconsin, Music Composition
Songs of Heaven and Earth​​​​​​​

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Holy Cross College, English
Feminist Revisions of the Gothic Romance​​​​​​​

Dana Tracy​​​​​​​
Hampshire County WIC
Barriers to Breast-Feeding among Low Income Women​​​​​​​

Janet Aalfs
Valley Women's Martial Arts
KIAI: A WOMAN SHOUTS —Poetry, Martial Arts, and Self Defense

Liana Borghi
Università di Firenze, Literature
Liminaliens and Others: Figurations of Subjectivity in Women's Utopian and Science Fictions

Irene Dölling
Universität Potsdam, Sociology
Socio-Cultural Changes in the Daily Lives of Women in Eastern Germany

Delfina Dolza
Women and Scientific Culture in Northern Italy in the Early Nineteenth Century

Nancy Dorsch-Smith
The Rise of Segregated Schooling in Southern New England: The Use of Ethnicity, Race, and Gender in the Reproduction of Class in a Connecticut City

Tia Esposíto
Boston College High School, Computer Science
Women and the Net: An Investigation of the Factors which Contribute to the Use of On-line Information Networks by Women

Sharlene Hesse-Biber
Boston College, Sociology
Body Dissatisfaction and Dieting Among White and African-American Pre-teens and Adolescents

B. Folasade Iyun
University of Lousville​​​​​​​, Pan-African Studies
Rural Women: Socio-Economic Cultural Factors and Environmental Change in Ondo State, Nigeria​​​​​​​

Tamar Mayer
Middlebury College, Geography
Multinationalism and the Jewish State: Perception, Reality, and Gender​​​​​​​

Eva W. Mubia-Njenga
Acacia Medical Centre, Medicine
Women as Disadvantaged Patients: The Role of Empowerment in Improving the Status of Women's Health in Kenya​​​​​​​

Esther D. Mwaikambo​​​​​​​
Medical Women Association of Tanzania, Medicine
The Moral Dilemma of Physicians Caring for Children with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

Yung Wha Son​​​​​​​
University of California-Irvine, Music Composition
Embraces for Harp and Orchestra: A Musical Composition​​​​​​​

Martha H. Verbrugge​​​​​​​
Bucknell University, History
Gym Periods and Monthly Periods: A History of the Debate About Exercise and Menstruation​​​​​​​

Elise G. Young
Westfield State College, History
Crossing Boundaries of Patriarchal Nationalism: Women, Health, and State Building East and West of the Jordan River​​​​​​​

Lynda Birke
University of Lancaster, Biological science & women’s studies
The Naming of the Shrew: Feminism, Animals and Nature

Ruth Weiss Busch
University of Waikato, Law
The Law and Domestic Violence in New Zealand

Arlene Dallalfar
Lesley University, Sociology
Gender and Entrepreneurship: Iranian Women in California

Paulla Ebron
Stanford University, Anthropology
Re-inscribing and Re-envisioning African-American Culture

Rachel Joffe Falmagne
Clark University, Psychology
Toward a Feminist Theory of Inference

Jyl Lynn Felman
UMass Amherst; Commonwealth College, Anthropology & Fiction
Private Rituals: A Daughter's Journey Through the Mother's Sorrow

Clare Hemmings
The London School of Economics and Political Science, Gender Studies
Sameness and Difference: Bisexuality and Contemporary Feminist Theory

Nitza M. Hidalgo
Westfield State College, Education
All of David's Mothers: The Story of a Puerto Rican Family

Ellie Hisama
Columbia University, Music
Gender and Modernism: The Music of Marion Bauer (1887-1955) and Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901-1953)

Pamela Glenn Menke
Transfiguring Fictions of Hurston, Morrison, and Erdrich

Marla Miller
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, History
Gender and Artisanry in Rural Massachusetts, 1750-1820

Martha J. Saunders
Disobedient Daughters: Development of the Moral Self in Women's Autobiographies

Momoko Watanabe
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Literature
The Trajectory of Feminism in the Poetry of Adrienne Rich

Barbara L. Whitten
Colorado College, Physics
Objectivity in Science: The Perspective of a Feminist Physicist

Ruth Backes
Without Fear or Favor: A Biography of Frances Perkins

Diane Bell
Flinders University, Anthropology
Dreaming Ourselves Anew: Indigenous Traditions, Gendered Spiritualities, and New Age Religions

Karen Blair
Central Washington University, History
Women and Arts Philanthropy in the United States

Nancy Coiner
The John Dewey Academy, Comparative Literature
Laboring in the Field of the Self: Allegory and Autobiography in the Late Middle Ages

Susan Gardner
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, English
Toward a Sociology of Nigerian Women Writers

Gail B. Griffin
Kalamazoo  College, English & Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Marginalia: Essays in Literature and Culture

Myriam Yvonne Jehenson
University of Hartford, Comparative Literature
Griselda Gambaro: Defamiliarizing the Familiar

Yenlin Ku
Teipei City Government, Gender Studies
A Comparative Study of Women's Movements

Annette Kuhn
Queen Mary University of London, Film Studies
The Daughter's Lament: Memory Work, Productions of the Self

Joan Larkin
Out & Out Books
An AIDS Passion Play

Stephanie Levin
Hampshire College, Legal Studies
Equality and Violence: Reconstructing the Idea of Citizenship

Nina Crow Newington
Fiction and autobiography
Double Vision: Ritual Abuse, A Survivor's Story

Laurie Nisonoff
Hampshire College, Economics
Women and Development

Marilyn Pearsall
Feminist Explorations of Women and Aging

Marjean D. Purinton
Texas Tech University, English
1830: Revolutionary Impulses (with Christine Smith-Dorey)

Nancy Rabinowitz
Hamilton College, Comparative Literature
The Ancient Women's World of Love and Ritual

Esther Redmount
Colorado College, Economic History
The Political Economy of Child Labor

Paula Schwartz
Middlebury College, French
Women, Resistance, and Protest: The Demonstration of the rue de Buci, May 1942

Christine Smith-Dorey
Gender Issues in Opera and Drama, 1780-1830: Revolutionary Impulses (with Marjean Purinton)

Tracey Jean Boisseau
University of Akron, History
The Convergence of Colonialism and Feminism: An American Woman's Travels to Africa and Back, 1892-1936

Kate Weigand
Smith College, History
Vanguards of Women's Liberation: The Old Left and the Continuity of the Women's Movement in the United States, 1945-1970

Jeanne Braham
Crucial Conversations: Studies in Contemporary Women's Literary Autobiography

Pat Chuchryk
University of Lethbridge
Democratization, Social Change and Women's Movements in Chile

Fatma Gök
Boğaziçi University, Education
Social and Ideological Functions of Girls' Institutes in the Early Period of the Turkish Republic

Naomi Graetz
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, English
The Battered Woman in the Jewish Tradition: Metaphor and Halacha

Michele Hoffnung
Quinnipiac University, Psychology
College Women's Expectations for Work and Family

Kuniko Izumi
Chiba University, English
Femininity as a Riddle: From Repression to Expression

Eva Hooker
Saint Mary's College, English
Myself—the Term Between—: Forms of Silence and Self-Knowledge

Gertrude Reif Hughes
Wesleyan University, English
A Revisionary Company: Essays Exploring Poetry as Cognition

Sherrie A. Inness
Miami University, English
Intimate Communities: Representation and Social Transformation in Women's College Fiction, 1895-1910

Ruth Harriet Jacobs
Wellesley Centers for Women, Sociology
Successful Aging for Women

Sara Dalmas Jonsberg
Mount Holyoke College, Education
Composing the "Personal Text": Teen Mothers, School, and the Operations of Discourse

Sarah S. Kilborne
Novelist, biographer

Godmother of the Muse: The Biography of Belle Skinner

Sonia Kruks
Oberlin College, Politics
Gender and Subjectivity: Beyond the Postmodernity Debate

Miriam Levin
Case Western Reserve University, History
Science, Sex, and the History of Liberal Arts Colleges: The Case of Mount Holyoke

Eleanor McLaughlin
Retired Priest of Episcopal Diocese of NH
Uncovering and Re-reading the Female/Feminine Holy in the Western Christian Tradition

Dorothy J. Rosenberg
Women in Transition from a "Real Socialist" to a "Social Market" System in the Former GDR

Rebecca Schneider
Brown University Research, Theater Studies
The Explicit Body: The Legacy of "Shock" and "Savagery" in Feminist Performance Art

Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
University of Michigan, History
Bodies Politic: Engendering the American Subject, 1786-1850

Charlotte Templin
University of Indianapolis, English

Literary Reputation and the Contemporary Woman Writer: Literary Evaluation in the Book Review

Edna Zapanta-Manlapaz
Angela Manalang-Gloria: A Literary Biography

Majorie Agosín
Wellesley College, Spanish & Literature
Translation of Some of Emily Dickinson's Letters into Spanish

Mary Bray
Against the Tide: A Study of Women Activists

Alice Brown-Collins
Black Campus Ministry in InterVarsity's New England Region
Let Me Tell You Who I Am: An Exploration of Psychological Themes and Research on African-American Women

Laura Doyle
UMass Amherst, English
Race, Sex and Somalogics in Modern Fiction

Leah B. Glasser
Mount Holyoke College, English
We're Women Folks: Mary Wilkins Freeman's Vision of Sexuality, Spinsterhood and Autonomy in Nineteenth Century New England

Elizabeth Lambert
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, English
And Darwin says they are nearer the cow: Evolutionary Discourse in Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out

Frances Mascia-Lees
Rutgers University, Anthropology
An Oblique Look: Race, Gender and the Gaze (with Patricia Sharpe)

Patricia Sharpe
Simon's Rock College, English & Women's Studies
An Oblique Look: Race, Gender, and the Gaze (with Frances Mascia-Lees)

Ingrid N. Sommerkorn
University of Hamburg, Sociology
Promoting Gender Awareness in the Classroom: An Example from Germany

Sharon Hartman Strom
University of Rhode Island, History & Women’s Studies
In Search of Hannah: Florence Luscomb and Her Mother

Peggy Tripp-Knowles
Lakehead University, Biology & Women’s Studies

Publish and Perish in "Traditional" Science