Five College Anthropology Program

The study of anthropology is greatly enriched by the presence of a large and varied range of scholars at the five campuses who meet regularly, share their research, and lecture in each other's classes.

As part of a wider collaborative effort to expand the opportunities for undergraduate study and field work in medical anthropology and related areas, the anthropologists helped to develop a Five College Certificate Program in Culture, Health, and Science (CHS).

One of their joint projects is a day-long Five College Symposium each year in which undergraduates present their research to the faculty and to their peers at all the campuses.

Search Anthropology courses offered at all five campuses with the Five College Course Schedule.

Contact Us

Anthropology Undergraduate Symposium Chair:

Vanessa Fong, Professor of Anthropology, Amherst College

Five College Staff Liaison:

Rebecca Thomas, Academic Programs Coordinator