Bus Schedules for Exams, Fall 2021

Information on PVTA bus schedules for exam week.

PVTA buses serving the Five College Consortium will be following the following schedules during the end of the Fall 2021 semester:

R29: Regular service continues.

38: Regular service ends on December 10. Schedules for service covering finals exams are listed below. 

39E: Regular service ends on December 17.  

B43: Regular service ends on December 18. No School Service begins on December 19. 

Route 38 Bus Service Dec. 11-Dec. 17

The following PVTA Route 38 bus schedules are intended to cover students attending final exams at campuses along the 38 route. Regular 38 service ends on December 10. 

38 Service for December 11 and December 12

38 Bus schedule Dec 11 and 12

38 Service for December 13 through December 16

38 schedule dec 13 through 16

38 Service for December 17

38 service for Dec. 17