Route 39

Providing service between Hampshire and Smith Colleges on weekdays, and between Hampshire College, Smith College and the Route 9 malls on weekend evenings.

The image above is of one of  the new PVTA vans that will be used for the 39 route between Hampshire College and Smith College during the spring semester 2023. See the below schedules for service between Hampshire and Smith Colleges, and the campuses and nearby malls. 
For questions about 39 service call 413-781-7882.

Bus service schedule

  • Start of service: January 25
  • Last day of service before spring break: March 10
  • First day of service after spring break: March 20
  • Last day of spring semester service: May 12

Bus stops: Hampshire College

  • Near Eric Carle Museum,
  • By Dakin House;
  • Behind Johnson Library,
  • Outside R.W. Kern Center

Schedule times are for the Johnson Library Stop

Bus stops: Smith College

  • In front of John M. Greene Hall on Elm St. at Prospect St. 

Route 39 Bus Schedule, Monday - Thursday

Bus schedule for Monday through Thursday

Route 39 Bus Schedule, Fridays

Bus schedule for Fridays

Route 39 Bus Schedule, Weekends

Bus schedule for 39 bus on weekends

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