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Disabling Institutions

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Political Science

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Amherst College

[IL - starting with the Class of 2015] This course will consider how institutions, often contrary to their intended purposes, serve to disable individuals and limit their life potential. We will examine a variety of institutions, including state bureaucracies, facilities designed to house people with mental and physical conditions, schools, and prisons. We will also consider a range of disablements, resulting from visible and invisible disabilities as well as gender, sexuality, race and class-based discrimination. We will explore how institutions might be redesigned to less rigidly enforce normalcy and to enable the political participation of individuals who currently experience social exclusion. 

 Limited to 25 students. Spring semester. Professor Bumiller.

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Disabling Institutions
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01 4.0

Kristin Bumiller

MW 12:00PM-01:20PM

CONV 207