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Political Science

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Amherst College

[CP, IR][SC - starting with the class of 2015] This course serves as an introduction to the politics of humanitarianism. We will focus on questions such as: How has humanitarianism developed historically? What explains the increasing appearance of humanitarianism as a moral sentiment around the globe? What are the ethical dilemmas and political effects of humanitarian projects? How is humanitarianism practiced on the ground? In this course, humanitarianism will be examined as a political practice with a focus on different domains of its practice: welfare, development, disaster assistance, NGOs and volunteerism. The primary purpose of this class is to help students understand giving as a political practice by providing them with the necessary theoretical tools to investigate global humanitarianism in its multi-dimensionality.

Requisite: Prior coursework in Political Science. Limited to 20 students. Spring semester. Visiting Professor Zencirci.


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01 4.0

Fatma Zencirci

TH 02:30PM-04:30PM

CHAP 101