Case Stud. Global Health

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Amherst College

This class is designed to provide an introduction to the field of global health. We will first acquire some historical and analytical tools, including a familiarity with social theories that will help us identify relevant issues and understand the complexity of situations we will examine over the course of the semester. We will then delve into particular case studies from around the world, using a biosocial approach that draws on a range of disciplines (including anthropology, clinical medicine, history, public health, economics, and delivery science) to understand global health problems and to design intervention strategies. With attention to historical precedent and a critical sociology of knowledge, we will explore how global health problems are defined and constructed, and how global health interventions play out in expected and unexpected ways.

Limited to 20 students.  Spring Semester. Visiting Five College Professor Aulino.

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Case Stud. Global Health
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01 4.0 Felicity Aulino TTH 10:00AM-11:20AM MORG 110