Molecules, Genes & Cells

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Amherst College

An introduction to the molecular and cellular processes common to life with an emphasis on control of energy and information flow.  Central themes include metabolism, macromolecular function, and the genetic basis of cellular function.  We examine how membranes work to establish the internal composition of cells, how the structure of proteins including enzymes affects protein function, how energy is captured, stored and utilized by cells, and how cells communicate, move and divide.  We explore inheritance patterns and underlying molecular mechanisms of genetics, the central dogma of information transfer from DNA replication to protein synthesis, and recombinant DNA methods and medical applications.  Laboratories include genetic analyses, enzyme reaction kinetics, membrane transport, and genomic analysis.  Two hours of lecture, two hours of team-based learning, and three laboratory hours per week.

Requisite: Prior completion of, or concurrent registration in, CHEM 161. Fall semester. Professors Goutte and Williamson and Lab Coordinator Emerson.

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Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.
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Molecules, Genes & Cells
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01 4.0 Caroline Goutte, Patrick Williamson, Julia Emerson;; MW 11:00AM-11:50AM MEAD 115