Animal Behavior W/Lab

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Amherst College

Shaped by millions of years of evolution, animals have evolved myriad abilities to respond to their environment, their potential predators and prey, and members of their own species. This course examines animal behavior from both a mechanistic and a functional perspective. Drawing upon examples from a diverse range of taxa, and using articles from the primary scientific literature, we will discuss topics such as behavioral endocrinology, sexual selection and mating systems, animal communication, and kinship and cooperation.  Four classroom hours and three laboratory hours per week; the laboratory projects will require additional time outside of class.

Requisite: BIOL 181. Limited to 16 students. Not open to first-year students. Fall semester. Professor Clotfelter.

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Animal Behavior W/Lab
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01 4.0 Ethan Clotfelter, Sarah Goodwin; TTH 11:30AM-12:50PM MERR 4