Christianity & Islam

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Black Studies
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Amherst College

(Offered as BLST 210 [A] HIST 210 [AF] and RELI 220) The course will examine the transformative impact of Christianity and Islam on West African societies since the wave of Muslim reformist and Christian evangelical movements in the nineteenth century. While providing a regional West African overview, the course will focus on a detailed case study of the Nigerian region (the diverse communities that constitute contemporary Nigeria). With significant populations of Christians, Muslims, and adherents of traditional African religions, Nigeria is a notable example of a West African country where religious encounters profoundly transformed state-society relations from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century. Drawing on historical and social science texts, the course will explore the impact of Christianity and Islam on pre-colonial, colonial, and postcolonial West African states and societies.

Fall semester.  Professor Vaughan.

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Christianity & Islam
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01 4.0 Olufemi Vaughan MW 12:30PM-01:50PM CHAP 205