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Genome Biology

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Amherst College

A study of the architecture and interactions of genetic systems. Advances in genomics are providing insights into a variety of important issues, from the structural limits of DNA-based inheritance to the discovery of novel infectious and genetic diseases. We will address how heritable information is organized in different groups of organisms. We will also cover a major challenge of this emerging field--the application of vast amounts of genetic data to understanding genomic integrity and regulation. We will critically assess the genome as a "cooperative assemblage of genetic elements" and conclude by discussing the consequences of genomic structure for shaping species traits and long-term evolutionary potential.  Three hours of lecture per week. 

Requisite: BIOL 181 and 191.  This course is designed as an overflow class for those who cannot take BIOL 381 and the combined enrollment for these courses will be 30 students. Spring semester.  Professor Hood.

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Genome Biology
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01 4.0 Michael Hood TTH 01:00PM-02:20PM MERR 401