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Capstone in African Stud

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Black Studies
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Amherst College

 [A] The interdisciplinary Capstone Colloquium allows students to share their interests in Africa through probing readings and vibrant discussions.  Incorporating African Studies faculty from across the Five Colleges, the course explores both Western perceptions and lived experience in Africa through such themes as African Historiographies and Ethnographies; Governance and Political Conflict; Development and Environment Issues; Health and Society; African Literatures and the Arts; and Youth and Popular Culture.  Students will be asked to give a short presentation on different topics for discussion with the guests and write frequent short papers summarizing the different disciplinary approaches to the field.

Requisite: At least three Five-College courses in African Studies or permission of the instructor. Limited to 20 students. Open to juniors and seniors. Spring semester.  Professor Abiodun and Professor Kim Dionne, Five College Africanist Faculty.

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Capstone in African Stud
Sect # Credits Instructor(s) Instructor Email Meeting Times Location
01 4.0 Rowland Abiodun, Kim Dionne; W 07:00PM-09:30PM COOP 101