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This tutorial will teach students about the history of LGBT rights in the Americas and, more innovatively, the skills required to contribute to my “LGBT Timeline in the Americas” project. The Timeline is a digital archive that I have been developing with faculty colleagues, students, IT and Library staff, as well as scholars outside the Five Colleges.  In class, we will research possible entries, select entries, edit entries, work with images and copyright questions, generate infographics and other forms of data dissemination. This course is part of a model of tutorials at Amherst designed to enable students to engage in substantive research with faculty. We will meet once a week for two hours, with additional independent work of at least 10-12 hours per week expected.

Open to juniors and sophomores interested in research. No prior experience required, but social science or humanities majors preferred.  Limited to 6 students. Spring semester. Professor Corrales.

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Expansion LGBT Rights
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01 4.0 Javier Corrales jcorrales@amherst.edu T 02:30PM-05:00PM CHAP 119