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Poetics of Liberation

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Amherst College

Latin America produced some of the most socially engaged poetry of the twentieth century.  In this course, we will ask ourselves how this poetry can help us imagine a truly liberated life for ourselves and our communities by challenging what Peruvian philosopher Aníbal Quijano calls coloniality of power, or the ongoing practices and legacies of Eurocentric colonialism in social organization and forms of knowledge.  Authors will include Vicente Huidobro (Chile), Gabriela Mistral (Chile), Julia de Burgos (Puerto Rico), Pablo Neruda (Chile), César Vallejo (Peru), Roque Dalton (El Salvador), Haroldo de Campos (Brazil), Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua), Octavio Paz (Mexico), and Nancy Morejón (Cuba).  Students will have the opportunity to work on their own poetry, on translations, and on a research project.  Conducted in Spanish.

Requisite: SPAN 211 or consent of instructor. Spring semester.  Professor Schroeder Rodríguez.

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Poetics of Liberation
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01 4.0 Paul Schroeder MW 02:00PM-03:20PM BARR 105